Hi, I’m Brandon. I’ve always been interested in art. I started sketching when I was 14 years old and it has branched into a greater passion over the past 9 years. My drawings are a series of shapes put together to create one composition art piece.

I tend to draw anything that catches my eye, but I concentrate more on people because it’s such a challenge. Taking a person’s likeness and putting it into shapes, allows me to break each face down into pieces. I believe life is put together by a series of shapes that puts impressions on us.

Each piece of my work involves an intense amount of hours creating it. It is a meticulous process putting each shape together, similar to that of putting together a puzzle. This abstract form of art is my signature technique. Through art, I find great happiness, and I enjoy the peaceful tranquility. I hope you find as much joy in my work as I have found creating it.

My blog is a reflection of my work and composition. Please take time to browse through my gallery and support all my passions. Thank you.

“Life is similar to a dream, when you dream, you remember nothing.
After death, you remember nothing.
Life isn’t really existent, similar to one big illusion.
So, if you have goals, a vision, or dreams,
Then go for it!
What makes you different from anyone else?
You might fail, but at least you can say you tried, then not even trying at all.
Look at it as more of a learning block than failure.” ~Brandon Knoll