The First Blog Post

Recently, I graduated from high school. Now the question I’m getting from everyone is, what do you want to do for a living/career? Well, this was quite hard for me because how is a teenage kid suppose to know what they want to do with the rest of their life?

That’s honestly the hardest question to ask someone. As long as I’m happy, I couldn’t care less what people think. Most people don’t know, so they end up rushing towards the wrong direction — wasting their lives away.

I was never a school person or ever did the best. The reason why is because, in the first place, why am I going to high school? Well, that’s just the rules. Do I follow the rules all my life, or do I start breaking them?

I’ve decided to pick the career of being an artist. When I told people in school I wanted to be an artist, all I got were bad responses. At a young age, you don’t really know what you want, you just live life how it is. This is possibly my smartest decision or I fail at all of it. At least I can say I tried. Imagine if all the artist in the world never followed their dreams, there would be no art. That proves that anything is possible as long as you give it your all.


Prismacolor pencils are my favorite. I use them in most of my artwork

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