The Horse

My inspiration for drawing this horse was created by the external beauty. I believe the horse is one of the many majestic creatures in this world, and it needs to be appreciated for its beauty. They might not be able to talk to us, but no words are needed to explain the beauty.

It’s similar to if when you listen to a song in a different language, but you just know the song is beautiful. You can’t look at a horse and tell me they are hideous. I chose to make the horse a larger drawing to capture all the detail.


horse-1horse-4  horse-6  horse-7  horse-8  horse-9  horse-11horse-12


23 thoughts on “The Horse

    • Thanks. I don’t know why I decided to draw this. It was a thought and I turned it into reality. I like working big too. More interesting. It’s almost finished so you’ll see the final piece soon.

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