Stone Hedge Sunset

In class we had a stone hedge unit. Are objective was to create 2 pieces of art involving Stonehenge.

I created this drawing with my imagination. A sunset with many colors. The light purple seems to fit the background.


34 thoughts on “Stone Hedge Sunset

  1. I like the prominence of the sun because that was what Stonehenge was all about, I think.:0) I guess no one knows for sure but the solstice and equinox were very important back then. They still are but most of us ignore it. I live near Chaco Canyon which is a settlement built as an observatory. If you haven’t read about it you should and it is an amazing place to visit. It would be wonderful to spend time there and paint. Also, my hometown is very ancient indeed as the first inhabitants were the Anasazi. I don’t think people Lived at Chaco as they did in Aztec but used it as a place of worship. “All roads lead to Chaco” from all the ancient sites that surround it. I think the stone age was more advanced than we have traditionally believed it to be. Nice painting and I love how you’ve broken images down to shapes. They tell a deeper story. You have an interesting way of ‘seeing’.


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