Watermelon Lady with a Gun

Watermelon Lady with a Gun

This is one of those drawings you don’t even know why you made you just did. I saw a picture of a lady holding a gun in one hand and catering a watermelon in the other hand.

Shes about to get some work done watch out for her!

This drawing took me a long time. I probably could have spent all the time i spent on this and created something people would enjoy but this drawing was just for pure enjoyment.

Hard to believe but the blue dress took me the longest out of everything.


18 thoughts on “Watermelon Lady with a Gun

  1. I guess it symbolizes how a woman guards her territory no matter what, she can do anything to protect what she calls her own.. great work.

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  2. I like this one a lot. Probably because it is less pictorial and has such strong tensions: eyes askance and squinty, mouth blurred, gun–watermelon, “female” fecundity–“male” gun. nice. There is such ambiguity that makes this really powerful. Sense of uncertainty in the moment.

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    • Thank you! 🙂

      I understand what you’re saying. It’s all squished together and distorted. Gives it a certain look.

      Love the way you explain this piece of art to me.

      Thank you for your perspective on this!

      Appreciate it.

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  3. Hi Brandon, I have taken some time to observe your art and let it wash over me and my senses and I find I enjoy your color, composition, and (not sure what art word I am missing here) but angular structure. It feels uniquely blended and balanced and brings your work together as a whole!

    I wanted to comment specifically about his piece in particular. The blue dress is very stunning and catches the eye just as much as every other element you have installed.My take on the fruit vs. the gun may be different than others as my experience in life is also different. But I wanted to share with you, nonetheless. I picture the fruit representing LIFE and the potential for more life…the seeds within the watermelon.One the other hand, she holds, DEATH, in the form of a gun. Our society is inundated with mass school shootings, graphic violence, and nonsensical shootings over a pair of sneakers. To me this picture is about the balance of power of justice. And the fact that it is in the hands of a woman is significant! Perhaps the time has come to let the mothers say, “ENOUGH!!!” No one else seems to have a logical answer…your painting gives us a clue as to the justice that is needed in our world today! AGAIN…in the hands of a regular woman. Someone’s daughter, sister, mother, aunt, but who’s eyes have seen enough of the worlds’ ills to take a stand and shed some light on what is truly important: life! I trust that she is TRUE BLUE and will side with LIFE…the fruit and all the bounty that comes form it! I believe she will throw down the gun and destroy it in a fire! She will chose to eliminate DEATH once and for all! I see this ART and I want to believe all THAT!!!! You have moved me to think all THAT! My heart has been touched to hope for all THAT! It represents something Bigger than just a woman holding a watermelon and a gun. Or maybe that’s how most people see it!

    Keep making thoughtful ART! It’s wonderful!

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    • Hey, I’m happy you enjoy the art for what it’s.

      I just read everything you have stated here. I can agree with the topics you’re saying. You have taken some real time and depth into my art.

      I really do appreciate you for doing so.

      I can feel the love and energy in your comment. It’s flowing in all directions, hahaha. 🙂

      If we were in person I’d answer your comment in more depth. Thank you and have a great weekend! 🙂

      Yes, there’s no reason to give up.

      Much love!


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