The Horse “External Beauty”



Over many countless hours and finger cramps I’ve finished the horse.

I was coloring this in and I had to remember every single piece I colored in was one step closer to finishing the final piece. There were hundreds and hundreds of spots to fill.

Every line matters. Without one line the other wouldn’t be there connecting every point of the drawing into one single image. Similar to a puzzle. Only the correct pieces fit. Not just any piece.


107 thoughts on “The Horse “External Beauty”

  1. Fantastic art work! I love your use of geometric shapes to outline the shading and colors. Looking forward in seeing what you will create next. Cheers!

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  2. This is really neat, I like it a lot. I’m just a photographer, so I am not the best at giving valuable feedback for other mediums. But I know when I like something! 🙂

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  3. Hi Brandon. Love your intricate, geometric art. You really rendered the beauty of a horse. I especially loved how you captured the reins and a shadow line underneath. Wonderful artistry. ❤

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    • Well thanks!! Your so kind hahah. Yeah I hope more people notice that. Those were suppose to be shadows. That was my intention. THANKS MAN!! I thank you for taking the effort to come check my art out.

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  5. So beautiful and complex….I would be driven mad by all the detail and patience it would take to do something like this….give me a camper or a wall or a piece of furniture to paint and I am in my zone….you are brilliantly creative in your art. Hope you become “World Famous” like Andy Warhol (but without all the drugs and drama!!)

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    • Thank you, thank you!! Yes my patients is very high. I understand most of this world in a way. When you re think everything for a second time you realize the second time and not the first how important things are. It’s a skill we can all improve on. I’m still improving. Some moments are easy with patients others not so much. When patients challenges you that’s the only time it increases. Yew we are all are own with imagination.
      Thank you again. Yeah I know all about him he was an interesting man. I’m not sure if I liked his work but no art is better then another. It’s all the same or then we are competing. My only goal is to make art and not have to work another job. One day and I’ll reach it. Sooner the better, hahahah. I’m thrilled you compared myself to someone so well known by the way!


  6. I’m in the process of getting acquainted with your work, Brandon, and thus – getting acquainted with you.
    I find it a little overwhelming! [in the best kind of way]
    I’m 73 years old. It’s only in the past 3-4 years that it has been my good blessing to gain two friends who have been curing me of the notion that “I don’t get art”…… I’m learning how to enter in to thinking about what I’m looking at. Thinking about its beauty and its presentation. Accepting that I am not required to see it a certain way but realizing that perhaps the best gift I can give the artist is to see it for myself rather thinking there is a “right way” to see and understand it.
    I’ve been slowing myself down as I take it in … reminding myself not to hurry … Like I said – overwhelming in the best kind of way. The colors. The shapes. The parts. The whole.
    The richness of those deep greens in the horse’s neck is deep. The work you did to show the mane, it seems by using some element of reversing the colors? I don’t even know yet. I’m just looking at it. Drinking it in. Sitting on the growing edge and marveling at the beauty of the colors, the shapes, the silhouettes, the Parts and the Wholes.
    So fine, Brandon. Just so fine.
    I have two other “very most favorite” of your works, having looked at three of them closely now over a period of days. I will comment on them at another time. This is my very-first-ever written comment about art work! Feels a bit like “well, shoot – who do I think I am anyway????” but like I said above, yes – been learning how to enter in and enjoy beautiful things created from the hearts, minds, and hands of people and realizing that it’s ok to do that! Thank you.

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    • I read your whole comment.
      Thank you for all this time you took to write this, time is money.
      Your age matters when talking about art too, some age groups lean towards other art then most.
      There is never a coorect way to make art.
      To make the horse I just colored what I colored. Maybe I’m doing that natural or without knowing.
      By selection I can match colors well together.
      I appreciate the love you have towards my art! Means a lot.
      Sounds good, comment on them later I want to hear your whole opinion.
      Your comment is okay, hahahah. Don’t worry, say what you want.
      Quick question, were you lost before in the art world or what?
      Thank you again, have a great day!


      • Hi Brandon –

        I believe that, upon further examination, I’ve discovered two dogs (?) within the horse drawing? Makes me think of Bev Doolittle’s horses which I have always loved, on display in a variety of places in the western part of the country.

        Was I “lost” in the art world? Dunno! Just felt like there was no reason for me to try to seriously engage because I “knew I didn’t know anything about it”.

        I have always loved words and finally started, some decades back, just writing down what I saw in my thoughts. And then, finally, figured out that looking at and engaging with art was a somewhat similar process. Trusting my own perspective, in a sense, whether or not I could put words to it.

        I may be able to put words to it at some point, but it’s ok if I can’t put words to it right away. I’ll give you a ‘for instance’ about that – – – I absolutely love that you included in the lower right of the horse those few, pale turquoise bits: don’t know why you put them there, don’t what their significance was/is for you, but my eye keeps going back to them. Hmmmmmm…….and I see there are a couple more that look darker in the upper part. Perhaps they look darker because of the surrounding colors? Hmmm…..dunno. Just love the distrction of those turquoise Parts.

        I spent my working life typing, Brandon, so my typing speed is still around 100 wpm so it doesn’t take me long to type long comments at all…..please don’t ever feel you have to respond in detail to them. I so appreciate the opportunity to communicate my growing edge thoughts with a communicating artist. Means a lot to me, it does!

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      • Hello.
        I don’t see any dogs.

        I’ve been writing lately too, maybe I share it on here I’m kind of iffy. It’s stuff most people would probably not understand/ it’s deep stuff lol.
        I guess you can say it’s a book I wrote a while back. Each section is a new lesson/ idea.
        I used the turquoise bits in the few areas just because I felt like it and in my mind at that moment I picked all those areas to color. It’s to make you look away the all the darkness and that bright light color sticks out. So I guess the way you explained it. My idea worked.
        It’s dark because of the shadows I belive.

        I see, hahaha. Thanks for speaking to me as well. Glad you stopped by to look at my art! Means a lot to me as well! Every supporter means a lot to me.


  7. Now that I have looked at it twice it seems so obvious that it’s a horse, similar thing happened when looked at the fox. What I like about your drawings is the interesting way you have broken them down into geometric shapes so these seem to be moving and shifting until your eyes adjust to the angle and see what it is, sucking all the components into one image suddenly, but the movement continues in a way that almost allows them to look like they are breathing. Thank you 🙂

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    • Thanks! Happy you can enjoy my work. I’d say my main focus is detail I’m really weird about detail and art. It’s like all artist the detail means a lot to them it’s who they are.


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