Second Chance

Second Chance
Second Chance

Meaning behind this Piece:

In life we get one chance of survival in this moment.

You can either waste your time doing things you don’t like, or spend time doing things you love. Treat time as if it were gold.

Time being the most valuable thing on the planet is probably the most underused by the typical individual.

Here we spend are free time longing around, Netflix, Facebook, video games, watching movie, etc…. nothing productive to make you a greater version of yourself.

The hourglass represent 1 single person. For example let’s say the hour glass resembles someone that went through a huge difficulty in life.

Well now the hourglass is smashed open and now it’s as if they are the happiest person ever, happier than ever before. But why? Well they have a second chance at life. Now they realize how important life is to them.

This life they can rebuild into another successful life. You might be broken but your stronger than before.

The sand castle resembles a second chance a new beginning. Still broken but a new version of yourself. Not to reflect on the past but focus on the now.

We all are an hourglass waiting to be smashed. Let time take you to the grave or you can take time with you to the grave. Die of natural cause. Not an accident or something you’re doing that’s logical of being bad.

Remember everyone. Don’t waste your time here for all we know this is your last day on earth. Make it worth wild or its not even worth living.

What hourglass will you be?

Don’t take this life for granted appreciate the little but no time your here. Please don’t waste it for me and everyone else’s.

Make a difference in this world.

39 thoughts on “Second Chance

  1. I like your drawing very much and it was interesting to read your thoughts underpinning the work.
    “Not to reflect on the past but focus on the now.” But don’t forget to learn from what’s happened in the past though.

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  2. I love the abstract way of your work and ultimately the time it takes to create each piece. I am much like that when I draw or paint and sometimes it takes me quite awhile to finish any one piece. But I write as well as you saw so dividing up my time between both is a challenge. Keep up what you are doing.

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    • Yeah I know what you mean. I’ve been writing a book the oast few months and writing poetry too. I plan on sharing it soon. Maybe it all nonsense that I have to share. But at least I attempted haha. Mayne one day I’ll be some famous author you don’t know. Life is limitless

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  3. Brandon, bro it o strongly agree that in this moment or survival yes many people do get only one chance. But in my perspective what’s wrong with someone getting a second one. Yes at times you want them to realize they you made a mistake and you might fall at times. But in reality you have to learn from it. Because if you don’t I else you are going to; if no one teaches you.

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