What my mind decided to draw this time.


The current drawing im working on.

I randomly decided to draw this, the thought came across my mind and i instantly had to begin creating.

Can anyone guess what it is?

31 thoughts on “What my mind decided to draw this time.

  1. You are a bright young man for sure and I commend you for being willing to show your creativity on your site. I have always had a love for art since I was a young girl now and I see I am old enough to be your grandmother but that aside, I encourage all of my children, grandchildren to be creative if it is within them to be so and I am glad to say some are. I will look around here a bit. Thank you for dropping by my site as well.

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    • In a way at first I was nervous to show all my work in a way my website is an art gallery for the whole world. To see everything about me. Thanks for the kind words. Totally agree with you on that one. There are so many people out there with such raw talent. But they never get to show the world anything. I don’t want to be like that. My stories kind of weird I shouldn’t even have this website in a way. It happened so suddenly. Yeah no problem I like looking at other people’s stuff.

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  2. I am fond of drawing n painting dear young men n like to sketch and colour the human’s faces or nature’s beauty.ur sketch is belonged from modern art.seeing ur sketch, i feel an image of heart who is full n wrapped with soft emotions and too hurted by worldly feelings.is my imazination right.?plz chaotic reply.my children who have intresting in painting ,are waiting for your reply.

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    • Create your own story of the image. Your answer isn’t wrong nor correct, what your mind decides is the answer.
      Your kids look at the picture and see a different story, their eyes see differently than you.


      • I have suffured n faced d life’s path and recieved good and bad expriences but both are most valuable to create for new imagination for mine.i have not any complained from my life.after some day ,i will try to send u my imagery n my children’s paintings.as i have felt ,i said.but wait for some time to create my own story of the image as you wished.plz keep continue ur work. . …

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  3. I am still now seeing ur sketch and thinking dt emotions are d important part of heart.but it is tragedy dt these emotions hurts d heart.is dis not a paradoxical situation of human heart?plz reply soon,dear intelligent painter n SHAPERS.

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