The Heart




The heart is one of the craziest forms of existence. This one organ controls your whole body. If your heart fails on you, so do you.

It’s beating every second, without you even knowing it, some people have healthy hearts others don’t.

Its shape is fairly odd. My only guess why the shape it got was from the way the body was created. The heart can only fit in a certain place with a certain dimension. Similar to a puzzle.

Imagine if the doctor took a picture of your heart and you saw a picture of it? Would you be proud of the condition of your heart or embarrassed?

You have to remember people, there are many organs through the whole body and they are very vital. Without the few organs we have there wouldn’t be any life, and with no life you wouldn’t be who you are today. Nothingness.

So take care of yourself as best as you humanly can. Just because you can’t see the inside of your body doesn’t mean you’re okay to continue living the way you are. Something bad will happen and then what.

You can’t go back after you do something so make the correct decision now. Take small steps at a time to improve your health, you can get to the finish line in a little amount of time, you have to take it easy, but still proceed.

One more thing about the heart, well it’s the symbol of love, but is it actual? Your thoughts are processed in your brain. You love someone, your brain does not your heart. I never understood that. The heart is just used as a symbol of love, makes sense to me one big heart. The heart just pumps blood to the body, that’s its purpose.

The heart is truthful and your thoughts probably aren’t, make sure you don’t make the wrong choice and follow the wrong thoughts.

Love is one of the scariest words to use and happiest. Today I hear the world love being used like hello.

Respect the world “love” for your own sake, if you mistreat the word and use it a lot the value of that word will decrease.


64 thoughts on “The Heart

  1. The heart is physically connectet with your deepest emotions. One immediate connection ist via sympathycus/parasympathicus nerves. And it’s not only nontrolled by brain/backbone nerves, since the heart works autonomous, it sends a lot of commands to the brain. At least, brain is not the commander. It’s merely the server room of the body.

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    • With science my dude, you’ll never know the truth with anything because in the end you can always question everything. That’s the awesome thing about science . We only know the things we know because people tell us these things otherwise we wouldn’t know. Life’s crazy man. At least that’s how I look at things.

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      • Yeah life’s a joke to me but in a good way, life is to short to be angry and my life goal is to spread love everywhere I go. Maybe make world peace one day, I believe anything Is possible you just have to do it in the first place. Thanks for sharing your knowledge man! Much love to you.

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    • Well that’s good!! Thanks!! In person you would, love it looks a lot better. Thanks, usually I just write what I’m feeling in my head on the spot. They say to not think about things because you’ll over work and forget.


  2. You’ve got some interesting art pieces here, Brandon. Having worked in coronary care ICU years ago, I particularly like this one, The Heart! And, thanks for stopping by my little blog! Julie

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  3. I am a cardiac nurse and have dealt with thousands of hearts! I think the heart got its “love” rap because of that overwhelming feeling you get in your chest when you are either filled with happiness or filled with sadness. The feeling in your chest that it could possibly explode if you don’t say ” I love you!”, or the feeling like you might suffocate when someone doesn’t reciprocate.

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  4. Totally loving your art. My 12 yr old loves drawing, at the moment very crazy about Japanese animation. I will share this blog with her.

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  6. Hi again Brandon,
    Printed off this post and just reviewing after also reviewing my journal of 2005 when I returned to work after a period of sick leave and was caring for my elderly mother.
    At the time I was seeing a private counsellor and she used the term ‘heart weary’ to describe my feelings. An imbalance between my giving to my clients at work and my mum at home with nothing left for me. May have been my heart was out of balance.
    Could I please have your permission Brandon to reblog this post?

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  7. Reblogged this on Impossible Becomes Possible and commented:
    Brandon Knoll’s post about this organ of the body which heart surgeon Christian Barnard described anatomically as just a pump could also be described as a metaphor for life in it’s broadest sense ( not sure if that sentence sounds right).
    I remember around 2007 at a visit to my counsellor when I was giving emotionally to work ( in more ways than one) following my return to professional practice after a three and a half year break and to caring for my mum resulting in affording no care to myself she described this imbalance as ‘heart weariness’.

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  8. Four months ago I had a tumour removed from within my heart that I knew nothing about, if it hadn’t been removed it would have eventually killed me. I love and cherish my heart it has always been special to me and if I was ever very upset my heart would ache. It is very important to care for this important organ, great post Brandon ❤️👍😇

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