Quote #6


I look at the world and especially America.

America has so much stuff and privileges but I believe we abuse them.

We abuse the true purpose to mostly everything.

Next time something bad happens just remember how lucky you are to have what you have.

If you have a feeling to complain, maybe reflect on it a bit and you’ll realize it’s really not that much of an issue.

There are ridiculous things going on in this world, that shouldn’t be. But for some reason they continue. I don’t know why the world works like this but it does.

One day the world will change, people will realize how important life is, stop living in regret, stop living in hatred but love, and truly live the life they want.

I will never give up on the world, because its still here so there is still a chance.

There is change within all of us, it just takes some effort.

Good day, everyone.

23 thoughts on “Quote #6

  1. This is so true! Everyone should take this into consideration – I think that we should stop complaining about certain issues going on, and actually try to resolve an issue by standing up and voicing your opinion for what we personally believe in. Loved this post, thank for sharing.


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  2. Very deep observation. I think people complain about things and look for outward causesbecause its easier than looking inside and realising we’re responsible.

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  4. Brandon this is so true and a great post. Everyone in their lives must take all into consideration. Stop complaining and take things in our hands and do what needs to . The world will definitely change if we look at things in their positive perspective.

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  5. Absolutely true. We humans are simply never satisfied. We always crave for something better than what we have, doesn’t matter how good a condition we are in. And hence may be we complain. Whatever it may be, I loved the quote.

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