Girl with Red Hair


Here is a drawing from about 4 years ago. That means i was around 15.

It was a request I got from someone. I used to take requests and draw different things now I’m just trying to express myself as a person. Release my emotions through art.

Here I was trying to make hair in a 3d way. Create the hair into a more realistic look.

31 thoughts on “Girl with Red Hair

  1. Brandon, just do your thing. Art is to be appreciated by everyone, not everyone likes the same thing or style, and quite personally, I believe everyone is an “artist” in one way or another and there’s a lot of art “out there”. We who draw, paint, and create from our imaginations and are able to make a visual for others to see are artists that create forever art. A baker or a cook make beautifully artistic creations, but they are generally devoured. But there are the architechs, carpenters, writers, photographers, and so many more. Not one type of art or artist is more or less better than another. Our art, as well as the what is written and filmed to name a few, can be appreciated over and over again. You have a splendid talent. Venture into the unknown and see what you might create. Thanks for liking my art.

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