Quote #9



Fear isn’t real, but one of my biggest fears is wasting my life.

Life, I feel as if most people don’t understand how amazing and crazy this life is.

Let’s say you get one life, possibly a second but you’ll never know till death occurs.

Are you proud of where you are right now? Do you wish for change in your life? When you look in the mirror are you proud of what you see? Internal and External.

Are you wasting every second of this life? Every second that passes you will never get back. Don’t regret your actions from now.

The time you spend now changes the way the future will hold for you. You do nothing expect no change.

If you start making changes in your life, expect change.

Time is silent and says nothing but is the most valuable, gift we can receive.

Its fairly simple, listen to yourself and see what’s inside there before you listen to the words of others.

If all you do is listen to other people beside yourself, you’ll never know who you are, or what is within you.

We are all full of potential and greatness, its just that if you don’t start trying you’ll never know who or what you are.

Its easier to just do nothing and not try, but that decision is your choice.

Don’t fear failure but look forward to it, over time you will see progress, you just need to start as soon as possible.

Life takes you fairly quick, do what is in your mind, follow what you want.

Control this life or let it control you.


30 thoughts on “Quote #9

  1. If I die tomorrow nobody will know or care. I didn’t make anything worth while in my life. I had no sons for example… and I won’t go making anything special for future… so if I die tomorrow, nothing will change. I’m just a dust.
    Well written gentle friend πŸ™‚

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  2. “Time is silent ….but is the most valuable gift we can receive” that sentence spoke to me also of being greatful that I live and have choices. Thank you for reading some of my posts today

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  3. Ogni istante della vita non è sprecato, va vissuto, fallimento o no, perchè tutto ha un suo essere. Tutto ci aiuta a costruirci.

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    • The world plans things out for you and the way you take the challenges creates you as a person. There arecno accidents. I have a far out belief system then most people.

      I think I helped answer your question I’m not sure?

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  4. Thank you my friend. Yes challenges must be always taken up and give them your best shot. We need to keep in mind that outcomes are not in our control and acceptance of failure with humility is our strength.
    Cheers πŸ˜€

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