Life is in Your “Hands”




I’ll try my best to explain this piece of work.

I used two pieces of paper to resemble a real life illusion.

There are two hands reaching into the blue sky, facing palms in. If you become the painting it’s as if you are holding your hands into the bright blue sky.

Myself interprets this drawing as this,

I Raise my left hand into the sky then my Right, confused and unknown, here I am. Usually all alone. Questioning existence itself.

Why am I even here? What is the purpose to life? So much goes on through my mind, I’m not sure if anyone else thinks what I do.

The only reason I know I’m living is because of my 5 senses. Without senses you have no way to know if your living.

Imagine if you were born into pure darkness. Heard nothing, felt nothing, saw nothing, smelt nothing, tasted nothing.

Your here but not, all you can do is think of what all 5 senses would feel like, but you wouldn’t know anything to even begin a thought. So appreciate what you have now. Life is this precious thing, I want you to pinch yourself or start waving your hands up in the air. Scream and make noise. Acknowledge your here, be crazy, make your blood start pumping, live in the moment!!

For me one lifetime isn’t enough I wish to live many more, hopefully this thought comes true.

Since I’ll never know today I’ll live like it’s my last day, same with every other day. All days are the same, it’s just how you create it.

I know I’m not a perfect enlightened human being, but everyday I try my best to become better than I was yesterday, the greatest version of myself, if you say your perfect I doubt it. Life is never-ending and you have much to do.

Get out there and explore, see what is out there but be safe in doing so. Don’t waste this life, you will have many regrets. Take action right away and don’t wait. With a life full of regret it’s similar to never even living because you never enjoyed your days.

The first day you were born is similar to when you wake up, you don’t know what will happen, life hits you with crazy things, it’s just how you handle them. Without struggle you can never build yourself as a person, this makes challenges important in life.

We all receive the gift of life, the same gift but all different. This is your life, take control. Do what you want or find a way to make change.

Remember to tell yourself what you want and usually you will get it.

Life is real, the hands in front of you are yours. Its like you’re playing a video game but not.

This piece resembles the gift of life and how you are in control.

Appreciate the gift of life and never live in regret, continue living the life you want.

Have an empowering life forever, have a good day everyone.

56 thoughts on “Life is in Your “Hands”

  1. Sei un ragazzo intelligente, la tua opera è molto significativa.
    Sei giovane vola avanti.
    Nel cielo che ci sovrasta hai la vita tra le mani. Coglila.


  2. Is it any differencebetween being born without your 5 sense and having then but not using them. This writing to me says your are on your way to where you want to be. Now all you need is to be.

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  3. “For me one lifetime is‘nt enough I wish to live many more, hopefully this thought comes true.” I agree with you. There are so much to explore… need much more time! Great work and thoughts! Thank you for stopping by on my blog!

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  4. Hi Brandon – Thank you for making a turn at my blog, you are very welcome. I’ve been browsing through your blog and it’s refreshing to discover your unique art and the time and passion you dedicate to it. Add to that, you appreciation fpr life, the wisdom you display in the thoughts expressed her and your quotes – I can’t help but applaud you.
    I’d like to browse through more of your work but the hands drew my attention. I guess we take our hands for granted but they are symbolic of so many things – Hey, I might take it further in a poem 😀 I’m very glad to have come over to see your work. Best. Chevvy

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    • Yeah no problem, thanks!! All the shapes take a delicate time. What you think becomes your reality. So think the best you can. Thanks anyway. I just think of death everyday it keeps me positive because I never know when it will happen I will die a happy soul. I approve of you using my artwork. I’m glad you have such a positive response. Have a great day!

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      • Thank you Brandon – keep up the great work. I like that you connect your art with how you live your life and your life’s purpose. I think art is soulful work – keep enjoying it!

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  6. There are more brain cells devoted to the hands than any other part of the body.
    Having the hands on two separate sheets of paper, and as if they are the viewer’s hands displayed against the open sky — brilliant!
    I sent a link to your blog to a deep friend of mine and she sent back the link to this picture and we discussed it during our next Skype session at some length. Now that is impact.
    Two of my current sculptures have hands in them — strong image impact — Rodin’s Praying hands, for instance.

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    • Yes, I’ve heard before. When you use your left hand it uses the right side of your brain and same with the other hand the right hand uses the left side. When you use both at once. Your brain reacts in a crazy way, there is exercises you can do. A lot of benefits.
      Yes I wanted the 3d look as if the hands are actually yours.
      Appreciate you’re sharing my work, awesome! Interesting how out or all the pieces she liked this one the most. I made that piece at a special moment in time. In a way this piece means a lot to me.
      Yes hands are always a strong image. They are used in many forms lol.


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  8. Your our art and thoughts are so beautiful! We get so used to our body that we don’t think of our body parts any different to a part of us. But they are the reason that existence is made so much easier. Your words allow a very interesting perspective and your art is incredible!

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  9. I absolutely adore your art! What a great way of capturing individual subjects and interpreting it as well. When I scrolled through your works this one really caught me. Truely beautiful!

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    • Thanks, happy to hear that. 🙂

      This piece has a greater meaning than the most even though it might not be the most “detailed” piece. I believe the story behind it is greater.

      Thanks for looking through my art.

      Much love!


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