Start of my new drawing.


Here is a sneak peek of what the next drawing will look like.

I doubt anyone will have an idea who or what this could be.

This drawing is different compared to the most recent ones i have been doing.



5 thoughts on “Start of my new drawing.

  1. Hi Brandon !! Thanks for stopping by on my blog and taking out time for reading my posts . Well you posts show that you are a talented artist ,so keep up the good work .
    And I guess the picture shows something is in the stage of breakdown ,it could be heart or ship,I can’t actually figure out the shape but felt the emotions ,I guess ….he..he rest you need to tell.

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    • Yeah no problem, I enjoyed your posts. Thanks!! I do me best to draw as often as I can.
      Correct it’s the beginning of something. You’ll have to wait and find out….. glad you liked my page!!


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