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Life moves forward so quickly but then again slowly. All time is the same, it just seems all so temporary.

Every day, we role the dice and move forward, possibly 2 moves in 1. Or none at all.

The dice you roll are yours, usually we don’t control them, but few do.

These dice with no personality/feelings control you, but we accept it for how it is and Continue on living.

Notice how I say the dice decide your fate and you don’t. Those words don’t have to be true.

How I look at it is this, life is a game we all play, some enjoy this game others don’t. We all play the same game, but are belief systems are different, turning the game into different versions.

It seems as if each area has their own game, most people follow the game their given. Few ignore the common game, but create their own game.

You can create your own game or you can follow and play with everyone else. This life is my life, I shall play the game how I choose and eventually there will be no dice. I do my best to control my dice, without others grasping at them.

Yes I might be looked at differently, but who cares the game I choose is best for me.

Yes the other players might look at you differently but here you are, you know what is best for you, don’t play a game you wouldn’t enjoy.

Choose what game you want, you can never restart your game but you can leave your current progress and create another beginning

Remember all that time was lost, but then think, you can start your path to happiness and not follow the chance of the dice.

Not here to tell you how to live life but this is what I have to say. Either you let the dice control you or you control the dice. Decide what kind of person you are and that is the playing piece you become. Be strong and be built, don’t be weak and fragile.

Choose the correct game for you and everything you ever wanted will seek your way, it’s just on you to make the decision, don’t always rely on the dice.

Everyone good luck on the game of life, let the dice control you or control the dice. You know what is best and no one else.

This game accepts everyone without questioning so question yourself before even starting.

Everyone Should be enjoying the game they are playing, I’f you don’t enjoy this game well switch to a different one or change something up.

The sooner the better. Without change in the life expect the same future and past. But with change the past is ignored and the future is here to come, similar to a lottery ticket. Infinite possibilities are here but we will never know the truth.

Be the strongest version of yourself, and greatness will come your way.

Goodluck on your game everyone, choose wisely.

17 thoughts on “Quote #12

  1. My analogy is a game of poker..

    Don’t know what kind of hand ๐Ÿคš is dealt..
    But you play the game to win..
    and sometimes you just have to fold…
    and try again with a different hand..
    and play the game with what you got…

    So I agree with you..
    you just have to play the game of life the best you know how

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  2. Tutti noi giochiamo il “gioco” della vita, ma ognuno di noi ha la sua tattica. I dadi a volte vanno tirati di nuovo per non giocare al ribasso.

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