Marilyn Manson


Here is the finished drawing.

This is Marilyn Manson, I don’t know much about him. The reason why I decided to draw him was for a gift. The gift of a drawing is worth more than a possession. You can always replace the possession, but no gift can match to a piece of art.

Only one was created, not millions reproduced.

I looked up some quotes of Marilyn’s my favorite one was…

– Everything I was afraid of when I was growing up, I’ve become. I’ve taken on my nightmares, like the devil and the end of the world, and I’ve become those things. (Marilyn Manson)

After you loss the thought of fear you’re set free from this world and your capable of anything your heart desires. It’s just on you to take action.

75 thoughts on “Marilyn Manson

    • You can’t fear something you haven’t done. And all you have in now so fear is the future. There is no future. Just now. Yes, I can relate I’m turning 20 and I can’t belive it I feel like I’m a child stuck in this body. I’ll be a child forever. I’ll never “grow up”.

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  1. Thank you for the response Brandon.
    I don’t know what to add to this.
    Or may be
    Past is history
    Future is mystery
    Present is a gift of God
    Enjoy the now 🎁
    Enjoy being You
    Thank you once more

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  2. If this is the same Marylin Mason of the death metal group, I saw him perform at a club in Queen (NYC) about 30 years ago. I would agree that he became the nightmares that he described. You have captured his distressed well in the accumulated triangle shapes.

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  3. When I was young I actually really found Manson intriguing….his foundation and what he stood for. You captured his image well and I love your unique style. You also mentioned one of his quotes… That was part of what made me like him so much when I was young. Its refreshing to see someone so young that has such a unique style of their own.

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  4. Wow, you’re really talented! I was actually just thinking about him last night and how the way he chooses to look is so scary. Not in a judging way, really, but like, ‘Could I sit at a bar and have a conversation with him without being completely terrified? How do I make him and his appearance relatable?’ It’s really interesting to know that quote you posted. Now I feel like I understand him a lot better.

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    • Thank you, I think the way he looks is memorizing and awesome. He’s the only one to be like that. You know what I mean, at the end of the day were all just people. We all get sad were all happy. It’s all the same. I don’t fear people anymore, but I get what you’re saying. Yeah I read that quote out of a lot. It was perfect. I understand dark creppy things. I’m an artist I understand a lot of weird stuff. Glad I could help out.
      Have a great rest of your day! Happy you commented.

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  5. You have a fantastic style. Great imagery. I look forward to seeing more from you. And you are so correct in saying art is an irreplaceable possession. It’s one of a kind, and not everyone can create it.

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      • Randomly picked this style up, I don’t know what to call it exactly. It’s as if the style picked me. Mysterious……

        I just love shapes, I can fit them in pictures the best.


      • Whatever works to enable you to express yourself right? I like it!
        I hear you, although my mind is like Tetris, and when the shapes don’t fit it makes me uncomfortable! 😣 random piece of information for you there!

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      • True, hahaha. I understand in a way I’m organized and need it to be perfect but, this is something I kind of live by.

        Color of of the lines in life.

        Just be diffrent, don’t follow. Be yourself. Same with the art it doesn’t have to be perfect. If you’re out of the lines or the shape doesn’t fit who cares. Art in a just confusing lol, you can always have a reason for something.

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      • That’s wonderful. Thank you 😊
        I like to think that every platform that we choose to see art; as long as it makes you feel something, it’s done it’s job. Good, bad, uncomfortable. Whatever it is, as long as you’re feeling you’re learning and the art has done it’s job. ☺️💫

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    • Thanks Elisa! 🙂

      No problem, it’s the one out of the 100 or so I looked through. Caught my attention the most.

      Happy you can see his message in the quote.

      Have a beautiful day! 🙂 ❤


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