Progress on New Drawing


Here is the next drawing I’m working on.

I doubt anyone will guess what this is. I’ll give you a hint, this drawing is an animal.

The angle of the paper is facing landscape. I have a feeling this one will take a while, but it will be worth it.


51 thoughts on “Progress on New Drawing

  1. Fascinating! Thank you for visiting. It would be fun to get totally absorbed into such drawings.
    Do you describe your process? How do you choose your subject? When did you begin this style? Sorry I got really excited when I saw your blog, hence these questions.Thanks for visiting mine and thereby introducing me to yours. Have a wonderfully enjoyable day!

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    • Thanks! Yeah no problem. Yes I can, I draw out an outline of what I happen to be drawing. Let’s say it was a person. The shadow of the head, shoulders and whatever else is in the picture. After that you slowly cut the larger images into smaller images. If you don’t use the correct color or shape most likely it won’t look correct. But depending what I’m drawing it doesn’t matter. My art is more abstract so sometimes I do it on purpose for a cool image. I just draw what I’m thinking about at the time. Or if I have no idea what to draw I’ll ask someone. I started this style 3 years ago. I happen to stumble upon a image that caught my eye. If it wasn’t for that day maybe i wouldn’t have created all this art. Take please for everything. For all we know if i didn’t see that image i would have no art. I made art in highschool. I gave art up because you know how the world works. I realized over time I couldn’t live without art it started making me depressed to be honest. I dropped everything I had and went to the art. Sometimes you have to sacrifice everything for what you really want. Have an amazing week, keep spreading love and happiness!!

      Brandon knoll


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