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This thing called life, does it mean something to you or could you just care less what happens? If today was relived every day, would you be happy? You were put in front of a screen and watched yourself. This is only for you to answer and no one else.

The answers to your questions are all within you, just don’t ignore your inner self.

Even though I’m young, this is what I have to say. I was working a factory job and I was there for a few months. Every day, I would walk into this building look around and saw these huge machines.

When you looked into other human’s face’s, expression explains itself and silence explains everything. No one was happy, but here we all are to “work”. When I ask, “why am I here?”. Well I’m answered with “That’s the way it is.”

I worked just like everyone else, but I asked questions and didn’t stay quiet. I got a great experience of it to be honest. Working a job I had no interest in, made me realize how important my life is.

I’m working this job I have no intention for, so I told myself it’s time to change Brandon. If you’re unhappy with where you are in life right now, why continue doing all of this? Will the money buy me out or can I make a change and fear nothing?

All the thoughts you can think of, were going through my head.

Sometimes I have no idea what to do, I feel as if the whole world is lying on my shoulders but then I remind myself. “Brandon everything will be okay, in the end everything will be okay.”You just need to relax and take it easy.

If I’m told “that’s the way it is”, every day of my life, will I even know who I am as a person or will I just follow the words people tell me? You don’t have to necessarily break the rules, but you can bend them around.

If I’m here on this planet and I don’t do what I was brought here to do and look back at what I could have done, that would be the most regretful thing I could do to myself. All I have to blame is myself, no one else made this choice but me.

This exact thought crossed my mind every day, every second I was at work. ”Brandon, every moment you spend here is one you can never get back, do you really want to spend countless hours at this place?”, Or was it time for a change?

You have to start questioning yourself and if you don’t know the answers, maybe it’s time for a change.

I know if I was still where I was a few months ago, I would have made zero art but hey I would have thousands of dollars. Thousands of dollars or art? Make my “hobby” into a career. It might take years, but in the end it’s priceless.

So think about this,”every action in life is as important as the other, without your previous action you wouldn’t know the next. So you wouldn’t be where you are right now, if it was for all the past actions.”

You learn from your mistakes which happen to never be mistaken, because you learned of them, changing the mistakes into lessons.

My final thought on this quote.

“Every day is just the same as the last, you were awake then going to bed, living one day at a time, as if life is just one day. There is no time and you live your life in a single day. When you really think about it, life is so short, it ends in one day. Just like the rest.”

Life is just one day lived over and over as age never takes you away, but the way you take care of yourself does.

The sun rises every day and then a sunset occurs. Monday isn’t even Monday neither is Tuesday. It’s all the same. We’re just told “That’s the way it is.”

Imagine if one day your dream became true because in reality life is just one day. The sooner you start, the more progress you will see, without any progress time is still.

Now I ask you again. Today, as you read this, are you happy with what you have accomplished or achieved today? Or do you just not care?

61 thoughts on “Quote #13

  1. Quite the food for thought, Brandon! I’m studying Electrical Engineering and I feel like a screw driver and wanna slash my wrists half the time. I wish I were doing something different but never had too many options presented to me. I’m the Take The First Bus That Comes kinda guy. I guess I have to be like you and make sure that I make this time count by learning something from it although I wish I could drop out. Interesting read!

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    • I just write what I’m feeling. This is the best way for me to explain myself. I know that feeling. I was offered the same, a lot of pay but when I really thought about it I didn’t want to be an electrician. Make sure you are certain if you want to quit, if you really don’t want to be at this job, do what is best for you. hopefully overtime you figure out what you want to do. Have an amazing weekend!

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  2. Hey, I really like your blog and your Instagram as well! Your creativity is so inspiring and I look forward to seeing more of your work and hearing what you have to say 🙂 Thanks for the likes!

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  3. This! I followed for the art piece but your words are just as amazing. I too have been thinking similar thoughts so your writing speaks to me. I am still at my job that I don’t like but my questions or rather yearning for something more have led me to come up with a six month exit plan. (I know, six months is a long time). I want to be a full time writer and focus on my debut novel but I get home from work most days so tired. My plan has motivated me so much though that I have actually carved out time to dedicate to my work. Thank you for this post as it feels great to know that I am not alone and it’s a sign from the universe that I am on the right track.

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    • If you keep writing something will happen. Good for you for making this decision, a lot of people don’t do what you’re doing. I believe in signs as well. This could be a sign. Good luck on your writings. Never give up either. Have a great weekend!

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  4. I think many people get accustomed to the condition they find themselves in, and even though they may not like it, change and risk are are deep seated emotions. There’s security, even in the insecurity. Most people find a comfort zone and stay there, never taking the chances or making the move,.

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    • I agree with everything you said. See here is the thing. You as an individual know what you want and you don’t have to listen to other people it’s just easier, sometimes a challenge gives you more to life. So at the end of the day your life is your fault and you have no one else to blame. You have a voice to say no and make decisions.

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      • That is true, and I agree, but the world is also full of so many individuals, and they all think and feel differently, for any number of reasons. A challenge is a good thing, it tests you and gives you encouragement and inspiration, but there are others who are afraid to take chances and be their true selves. They don’t have confidence or self esteem. That can be for any number of reasons, but the best thing for them to do is take that first step, that is the hardest.


      • Yeah that was me one day, then I decided to change. If I can change we all can make a little bit of a difference and all try. You just need to really think about life, look at your hands and question everything. What do you want? If you think about something and work for it you get it. Just need to keep motivating people and they will notice.


  5. So many people just exist on the treadmill of life, I admire your insight to realise that there has to be more than existing to life. Trust and believe in yourself and your direction and it will become your reality. Good luck, keep the faith and reap the rewards 🌹

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    • Perfect quote! I understand what you’re saying. Thank you, yes we all have so much potential. It’s just the fact of trying at what your doing. Same with you follow your dreams. Thank you again. Have a great weekend!

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