Finished sketch


Here is the finished sketch. This drawing will be similar to “The Horse.” There are a lot of small details everywhere you look.

The colors in this drawing are going to be wild. Use your imagination to create the picture. Slowly over time you may follow with me and see how it starts to look.

I gave hints of what animal this may be before. Does anyone see the full picture and know what this could be?

No idea on how long this will take, I’m just taking my time and not rushing.

Lately I have been challenging myself more.


65 thoughts on “Finished sketch

  1. I see a couple things. Seems like the more I stare at it, the more images pop into my mind. I see the neck and face of a dog from the side. I see the upper torso of T-Rex with it head turned and facing the viewer. My last guess would be the neck of a cow with head turned and facing the viewer.

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