Update on Drawing


I started coloring the sketch.

The color combination is crazy, if you look at the image and concentrate you can make your own picture.

This is taking quite a while to color, I put a lot of detail into this. I’m having a lot of fun with this one. The colors are fun to experiment with.

People have been getting close to guessing the drawing. Now that there is color, can anyone see the picture?


125 thoughts on “Update on Drawing

  1. Hello Brandon! I guess I’m one of the few lucky people to have found your blog. Thank you so much for the likes on my blog, for that’s actually what brought me to your lovely site๐Ÿ’– Thanks a lot!!
    You’re one amazingly talented person, and so sweet to read your about page! It feels so good to find another young talent!! I’ve a special space for art in my life, and majorly a guilt, because I’ve stopped painting and sketching. My interest has hopped from art to literature. It’s a bitter as well as sweet thing.
    Oh sorry i just got carried away lol!!
    What I’m saying is that artists have always been close to my heart, in fact my best friend, is also a beautiful artist. I’m definitely gonna recommend your blog to her. She’ll love it, I’m damn sure. She’s also intp blogging, but not much active there. Here’s the link to her blog- muskanlambablog.wordpress.com
    Happy blogging!! I’ll be here again and again. FOR SURE.
    Lots of love,

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    • Hey, it seems to be hahaha. No problem, keep working on your writings and you’ll improve over time. Just don’t rush anything. Let the words come to you don’t think about them. Thank you for looking at my blog as well! Yes I see what you’re saying. To be honest I wasn’t even going to make art anymore. It all happened so suddenly. I was thinking about life a lot and I’ve decided I’m doing what I was brought here to do. Art, without art we would have nothing in this world. I almost threw it all away like most people do. But somehow here I an and I’m making arr. Life is just amazing like that. As long as you are happy and doing what you want you’ll be okay in the end. Maybe you can go back to drawing and painting. Just here and there don’t completely drop it. I recently picked up writing as a skill too. Happens on accident. Started writing a book ( my philosophys) since I have enough followers on here I’m thinking I’ll start sharing those soon. No worries talk all you want I love conversations. I understand you’re in the moment of explaining your feelings. Art people just get along it’s an art thing. Thanks!! All the support helps, one day I will just make art and nothing else but for now the world challenges me but I accept this challenge. Or life would be to easy. Hopefully your friend likes my blog.
      I’ll check here blog out.

      Happy blogging to you too. Sounds good to me haha.

      I spread much love and happiness to you too! Have a happy Sunday!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • You’re so sweet and kind! I’m so very happy after reading all you said above. Absolutely agreed. Thanks for respecting my words, and reciprocating my sentiments! You make this blogosphere a little more wonderful. And lives of people like me? A LOT MORE.
        Great to know about the book, tell me more!! Ykw, I’m getting an anthology of all my poems published. I’m sure you’re gonna like it, for this friend of mine has prepared the cover art and illustrations too!! I guess you’ll be one amazing reader for this fourteen year old me!!
        Thanks a lot, keep in touch!

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      • Thanks! We’re all the same person, so I treat all people the same. I guess If that’s what your telling me. Thanks, hahaha. Well the book has a theory or subject. Each section/ chapter I don’t know what you would call it. I’ll post it as I feel because art is my own creation. There is no correct way. That’s awesome actually, good for you! Hope your writings will make a difference in this world! Didn’t know you are 14, that’s crazy keep working on your craft. You know what you want before most people do. I wasn’t like that. You a few steps ahead of everyone else. Keep doing what you’re doing! Sounds good. Thank you, as well. Talk to you later.

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  2. U too…
    I am not a good artist but like art a lot…specially abstract…tried as well but failed miserably๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚…
    Ur one just simply attracted…
    Felt nice to come in touch wid u

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    • Yeah, this a little stressful but lately I’ve been more relaxed with my art, no need to rush, you can’t rush perfection just take it easy. Need to take a few mental brakes and breath in and out. Drawing is a form of meditation. Hust relax and create. Not a gecko, good guess tho.


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