colors, colors and more colors.


Progress on the drawing so far. Everytime I work on this I’m getting more and more done, coloring shape by shape in.

This is how far I got on Monday. Today I’ve been drawing for a bit, plus I still have a few hours for tonight.

I’ll be posting todays progress on Monday.

The colors add more detail to the picture. Not sure how I got this color combination, but I’m enjoying it. All these colors bring my inner child out. So much fun, hahaha!

With the detail added, can anyone guess what this is?

82 thoughts on “colors, colors and more colors.

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  2. Hi Brandon. It is so nice to meet you. As we look around on your blog there are so many interesting and educational pieces for us to sink our thoughts into. We always are amazed when we hear how people discover at an early age a gift they have. For you it was 14 and art.

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  3. You must have tons of patience to work on this thing! And it took me some time to find the iguana, first I thought it was a heart, and then unfinished horse head. Guess I just have some sick imagination πŸ˜€

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  4. You’ve got such an imaginative mind and the drawing of yours are just so perfect that I found myself loving it and the combination of words you happen to illstrate with your impassive arts make me drown myself into it more and more, everytime I see them.

    I think, I just fallen in love with your arts and the writeups.❀

    I’d be honoured if, I could add you on my facebook profile.❀

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