Closer to Being Done


This is last Thursdays progress. I apologize for the amount of time this taking.

With the colors being where they are, you should have a color concept. You don’t have the full image so maybe it will be quite difficult.

Today I finished up a lot of the drawing. I have a feeling next time I draw I’ll have it finished. Im not certain, but by how far I am now. That’s my idea.

Like always, does anyone see the image? What could this drawing be? Look at all the details very closely.

Thank you everyone, for following the progress on this.



46 thoughts on “Closer to Being Done

  1. Having just spent the winter in Florida I used to see a lot of iguana or geckos that were brightly colored and had an orange pouch below their jaw that they would flare out and in. When I look at your work I am seeing that with the orange pouch flared out. But I’ll wait to see what it is when finished.

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  2. I did see the lizard…
    But i am a person pursuing arts too and so i like to interpret different meanings and images in paintings.. And so i can also see that if we zoom in on a horse, its structure near the mouth also looks similar to you painting. At the top, the patch with the dark colours (which serve as the eyes in the lizard) appear as nostrils of the horse and just few centimetres below there is a dark speck of line which can be taken as the mouth crease.

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