Almost Done..


Progress of how far I got on Monday. I’m happy that this is almost finished, it’s fun doing this drawing, but then it will be time for a new one.

I’ve finished the top area of the image and a little more in the center.

Im almost done, but, it will probably take one more session. I was wrong about before, hahaha. This time it should be done. Don”t want to rush anything.

With the color added, can anyone notice what this is now? Not sure if what I finished helps you, but maybe it does.

All Guess’s are accepted, use that imagination of yours.


88 thoughts on “Almost Done..

  1. I thought it was a snake gliding on the water and its reflection (even thought the spikes on its back seemed weird) until I say someone guessing that it was an iguana. Once I read that, iguana was all I could see. Fascinating work. I like how you let us in on the process along the way and let us guess what you’re doing. Keep up the good work!

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