Complete drawing. (Iguana)




Here is the final and complete drawing.

This took me about a month to create. To me it was worth it, I rather have a few pieces I enjoy making, then just creating a bunch of art for no purpose. The bigger and more detail the better.

The colors and detail in this were fun and interesting to use. I’ve drawn one similar drawing to this, called The Horse “External Beauty”.

Here is the link to the drawing if you would like to look

Im thinking I’m going to do an animal series. I’m enjoying the challenges and detail required.

Everyone has been wondering what this is, the drawing is an iguana. Part of the reptile family. We have had some of the most imaginative guesses. Some were close, some way off and some were correct. The way art works isn’t really in my control.

If you see something else, then so be it. Create my image into your own. Use that imagination of yours.

I don’t have a story or meaning of this piece of art, i guess that’s for you. what do you see? What is the meaning for you? That will be up to you.

Hopefully everyone enjoys this piece. Going back to the drawing table to see what I have coming up next.

Im thinking another animal, im not sure. You’ll have to wait and find out.

Have a great day everyone.

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