Update on drawing, Corner colored in.


This is the progress of how far I got on Thursday.

It’s taking longer than I expected. Like I said before, I don’t rush on my art. The detail is a little crazy.

Today I was quite busy with other art related material. I doubt I will get that far today but, any progress is okay with me.

With what I have colored in, does anyone have a guess of what this could be now?

Everyone have a great Monday!


42 thoughts on “Update on drawing, Corner colored in.

  1. Wow i’ve been following this for a while and just couldn’t understand or make anything from the shapes, and when i looked at this post today it just popped out to me! It’s an amazingly beautiful talent you’ve got there. Just had to say it!

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    • Thank for following the whole time, really appreciate it. A fellow member. Good, happy you can see the image. Thank you, I wish I could draw full time, I’m working on that tho. It’s okay, hahahah. I’ll let you get away with it this time 😉

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