Update on drawing. A lot of little detail.


Here is my progress from Thursday. I worked on it a little bit during the weekend as well. Only a few hours, but every second helps.

There are a lot of colors and detail, if you look closely you might see the full image. If you can’t see what is going on now, when I’m finished with the drawing and explain you’ll probably have an improved guess.

Having the style I have sometimes the detail is confusing to interpret. If you are an artist, maybe you can see the full image.

I’ve had few people guess the correct image right away.

With what I have completed, can anyone guess what this image could be?



47 thoughts on “Update on drawing. A lot of little detail.

  1. I see a dog, but then there suddenly appeared a second animal to the dog’s left. Hence, all the ears — which had confused me. Still trying to figure out the bottom part. Maybe there is a person lying on his or her back? Or maybe what I’m seeing is not an eye and a big nose. Hmmmm….

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