Added more color, close to being done.



On the last post I mentioned you would have an improved guess, after I added more color.

If you look closely at each patch of the colors, maybe you can draw out what I see. Or you may create a different picture in your mind. But that’s okay, all of our imaginations are different.

We all have different minds and thoughts.

With the color added does anyone have a guess, don’t guess right away think and look for a few minutes if you have to.

People come to conclusion to quick, always rethink twice, for all you know you rushed and didn’t think twice. You could see 2 or 3 animals. Or 1, it’s all on the observer.

Not trying to confuse anyone, just saying look closely.

45 thoughts on “Added more color, close to being done.

  1. I’m clueless and you’re giving me a complex. :/
    Kidding – not about the clueless part though.
    I’m looking forward to the finished product.

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    • Thanks for looking at my older work, I appreciate it. Yes, as long as I never give up I’m only improving everyday.

      Me too, not sure what I’m making next, might be another animal.


  2. There is definitely a large reddish dog and below and to the left I see a schnauzer facing the same direction. But maybe that’s because I miss my schnauzer girl so much.

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