Nearly finished. A little more left.


This is how far I got on Thursday. I worked on it on the weekend for an hour or two not much, but it helps.

I’m thinking I should finish this today.

Does anyone have a guess on what this could be?

If you look at each patch of detail maybe you can sketch out the picture my eyes see. If not, that is okay. Create your own picture. It can be whatever you want it to be.

If I say it only looks a certain way, then it would be perfect. I doubt anyone has made perfect art before, it’s impossible.


69 thoughts on “Nearly finished. A little more left.

  1. Okay, this looks beautiful. It looks like a lot of things right now, I see a cat but then again I see a backpack(lmao) and then I see a tank top(ohGod), does that make sense?

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  2. This is stunning!! I love how the colours seem like they’re refracting and the geometric feel I get from this piece! I see a fox or maybe a Shiba Inu? (Maybe it’s just my love for dogs haha). Keep at it! Followed! Would love to see more of your works in the future!

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    • Thank you, that’s my style. Yes you can describe it like that I agree. It’s a fox, I posted the final version if you haven’t seen it yet. Yeah it could be. Not sure what the other animal is. I will, just need time to draw.
      Thanks for the follow I appreciate every person who follows.
      I have much to come!

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