Quote 16


This saying/quote involves my art and to life.

Example, the “Iguana” I drew it was very challenging. I took countless breaks and deep breaths. When I was drawing or coloring, at times my arm felt like jello.

I needed to relax and draw with less weight on the paper.

Challenging yourself like this is good. It was very frustrating and hard in the moments of making the “Iguana” Yes drawing comes natural in a way, but the more detail the difficulty goes up.

Imagine if the only things I created made me react with some challenge.

I got tense and had to take multiple breaks and many deep breaths. Think about it sitting here for countless hours making art gets tiring. Your body is still in one position for hours. Soreness starts to occur. I get up and stretch sometimes.

Then go back to the drawing, you have to push yourself self or the drawing will just sit there and never get done.

The only one that will finish the drawing is me. If I do nothing, the drawing will be still.

So in the end, I can never give up or I would have quit art a long time ago, I feel like giving up all the time. But in the moment is when you can push yourself and become a greater person than who you were before.

Keep doing this and greatness will come your way. If you give up, except what you expect, but don’t be surprised what you’re handed with.

I would have no art being produced. That would make me sad. I could never imagine a world without art and the thrill it gives to my life.

Drawing is the same as life, in my analogy. I can create whatever I want. Everything is art.

So if you understand what i’m trying to say, what have you came up with?

27 thoughts on “Quote 16

    • Good, I belive in you too. There is no reason you shouldn’t publish a book, just remember you have 24 hours every day use then wisely.

      Yes attitude is everything you need to have a good attitude towards your work if you don’t care success won’t come your way.


  1. This is a challenge that am gonna take. Been lazy to finish up my 2 stories, I love writing but at times I’ve got too much going on.
    But am gonna take this challenge and try to finish up at least one or half way.
    Good work, keep doing what you love.

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    • Mhhh, challenging yourself. I like it.
      I understand I’m I’m the same position but with drawing.
      I belive you can finish both of them, just don’t rush it let it come but don’t wait till forever.

      If you create in a tense situation the result might not be the best. Be free.

      Thanks you as well, keep doing what you love. Have an awesome Monday!

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      • You can!! The same day I did it for the 1st time, I went to old town spring, Texas where they have all these cute shops and as I’m sitting in the courtyard the girl in the photo shows me the SAME kind I held for the 1st time ever 1 hour later? Then a few days later guess what I found inside my house? ! Yep, by I was able to remain calm n get my “grabber” and toss it over my fence! You can do it!!!

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      • I read the whole story, great story! I don’t know anyone who would have the balls to remove a snake out of their house. I give you props. You have shown me I can do anything. If you can remove a snake from your house. I feel like I could do it too. I’m not frightened of bugs.

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