I Finished up the drawing on Thursday.

There were many different guesses on what this could be. Some were correct, others close. A few were off by a lot.

I’m not saying there’s a correct image of this drawing, you create whatever you want. What you see is what you imagine. If you see different than another person, who cares.

In my eyes this is a drawing of a Fox. Like I said before, we all see differently. So I see a certain image of a Fox. Just because I see a certain image doesn’t mean you’ll too.

Create whatever image you want of the fox.

My art is tricky at times, people see multiple images at once. Making it more interesting in a way.

Now I begin my new drawing.

188 thoughts on “Fox

  1. Brandon, your talent is multifaceted. I think there is a wise old man lurking inside of you. I love your quotes and art. Your fox and macaw seem as if they are made of solid glass and you could lift them up from the page. Very, very nice. I shared this in the media. I’m pleased to meet such a talented young artist. Your star is going to shine very bright:)

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    • Thanks, I like the word you used to explain it. Yeah I’m an old soul, an indigo child. I wish you could see them in person, you would love it. Thanks for the share!! Happy to hear that :D. All you have to do is never give up and the limits are endless. if you give up there is no why anymore. Glad you commented on here. Have a great day/night!

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  2. You’re very talented. Thank you for sharing. Whenever I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed I come to your sight, put on some music and brows, leaving me feeling good. Thank you.
    And thanks for visiting me. May God continue to enhance your talent. 🙂 Shalom..

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    • Thank you! Thanks for looking at my work.
      Well happy to hear you like my blog and that you looked through everything! means a lot.
      I’ll continue doing what I’m doing.
      No problem, have a great night!

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    • Love the explanation! I’ve heard that a few times. Thanks, I get a lot of response on this piece compared to most. I’m guessing it’s because of the fox. People love foxes.


  4. Beautiful. I see a man in a suit somewhere on the bottom right. With his arms crossed and looking down. I don’t know whether it is meant or not.. but the whole thing is just beautiful.

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    • Thank you! Yes it’s like a sculpture but not. If you understand that. Slowly keep adding and adding. It’s like clay. Over time the picture creates itself. It’s something that makes my mind be free. These are drawings by the way, not trying to correct to. “Magnificent” I love that word!
      Have a magnificent day!

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    • Thank you! 🙂

      Appreciate the kind words. That seems to be everyone’s favorite, hahaha. Not sure why but we all see things differently. Have different favorites.

      Have a great weekend!


      • What’s your favourite?

        I just have a thing for foxes, man. I like the idea that they’re a kind of urban ninja animal, while the rest of the animal kingdom suffers as humans expand and ruin more habit, here you have the fox, who thrives in city streets after dark, who has made the modern urban environment his own.

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      • I tell everyone it’s the horse, it’s called “external beauty” check it out if you want. It’s the piece that started everything and I’m here now because of that piece. Broke me out of the comfort zone. Challenge myself when I draw the best I can.

        I totally understand your analogy man, hahaha. Foxes are very sly animals silent and careful of its action. Like a ninja like you said hahaha.

        I like the way you think, very creative. The comparison to people part I like a lot too. I always tell people we should be living like animal. In the moment. Everything they do is perfect.

        There’s this cartoon has a dog it’s thinking of eat and running in a field. The person is thinking about bills, their job etc…. also has a beer in the hand to show the stress humans have. Was a perfect example.

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      • Thanks hahaha. Most people just say I’m wrong and life’s all about bills and stress. I just think “okay that’s your life not mine”.

        People get defensive is 3 seconds, ignorance is very high now a days. Rarely talk to anyone who has respect.

        All I ask for is respect of one’s self and beliefs. Just be quiet and don’t attack people that’s it.

        I’m creating art for pure enjoyment and not the other things. Those are extra. Most people are misunderstood when they look at me, hahaha. When I speak my thoughts they turn their heads.

        Yes perfect way to explain it. Time is an allusion. It’s here because we’re told soo. To schedule stuff and have “jobs” the typical 9-5.

        All I think is there’s a whole universe surrounding me hahaha. Anything is possible.

        Great day man! 🙂


      • Same experience as that, man. There’s a view that our perspective is immature; bills are real, goddamnit! The future is a real thing and I must be prepared for it!

        But none of this is real, really, and you can certainly never be prepared for the future.

        You too, man. Have a good one.

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      • Well happy to hear someone’s on the same journey as me.

        Hahahah. I could imagine that perfectly, love the energy you’re giving off. I feel as if I’m 12 more like 7 in a body that just ages over time because it has to. The inside don’t change, the outside does. Show who the real you is, don’t hide behind your mask.

        Exactly it’s all a simulation 😉 hahahaha. It’s like a movie, if people know so much they should all be time readers of some sort. For example if the world were to end in 1 week. I would continue doing what I’m doing now, no change. I’m happy with where I’m in life. No worries, but you can’t be happy people hate seeing happiness hahaha. If I die I don’t care, won’t even remember it.

        Thanks will do.


      • It’s cool man, no worries hahaha. I understand your point of view.

        I’ll check it out right now. I’ll see what I think.

        Thanks for the share, don’t feel like a burden.


  5. Brandon, your likes on my blog brought me here and boy am I glad you came by! Your artwork is striking and this fox piece is captivating – it feels to me like the fox is sort of magically coalescing out of thin-air – that while it is still in this nascent form it is crystalline, and as it resolves it will become the ‘softer’ real fox as we’ve come to know them. The Black Widow too is captivating, but unlike the fox, you haven’t extended the shapes to the surroundings of the spider, so it feels more ‘fully-formed’ rather than ’emerging’. Keep up the work, it is very impressive! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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    • Hey Tom, hahaha.

      I understand what you’re saying, happy you like the art and appreciate your thoughts and comment.

      Happy you like the black widow as well.

      Yes, some of my drawings I make them “melt” or “shattering” you can say. It’s different every time. Depends on the drawing. Fox was more of a full picture, spider was separate if you understand.

      Appreciate the comment and can totally feel the love and energy in this comment. Keep spreading the love, hahaha!

      No problem, happy you like my art.

      Thank you. 😀

      Have a great day! 🙂


  6. Hi Brandon, this one’s Beautiful! You’re super talented. It really does look like a sculpture…WOW. Your work deserves many shares. Do you sell your art?

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  7. Hello. 🙂

    Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. Can feel the love. ❤

    People have often said it looks like the image is 3D or popping out at them.

    Well thanks, that's the goal hahaha. To make a "living" of my art.

    Soon to be yes. As of right now, no.


  8. I have been browsing your site. I couldn’t scroll by this picture of the fox. A wild animal, propelled by his killing instincts, yet enveloped by patience and wisdom and cunning. It speaks to me how we must recognize the restraints within to quell our misguided passions .
    Your talent and I would say, God-inspired gift is not to be hidden. Thank you that I might see it.

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    • I appreciate you for browsing my site. 🙂

      Hahahaha, I understand. Happy you feel such a great attraction towards the fox. The energy must be quite strong.

      What a lovely response you have to the piece. Thank you. 🙂

      I can agree with your philosophy. We all have a gift of some sort.

      Hide in fear or live this life with love.

      Fear could have took me and nothing would be produced.

      Thank you for joining this part of the art journey.

      Have a great night.

      Much love!


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