I Finished up the drawing on Thursday.

There were many different guesses on what this could be. Some were correct, others close. A few were off by a lot.

I’m not saying there’s a correct image of this drawing, you create whatever you want. What you see is what you imagine. If you see different than another person, who cares.

In my eyes this is a drawing of a Fox. Like I said before, we all see differently. So I see a certain image of a Fox. Just because I see a certain image doesn’t mean you’ll too.

Create whatever image you want of the fox.

My art is tricky at times, people see multiple images at once. Making it more interesting in a way.

Now I begin my new drawing.

152 thoughts on “Fox

  1. Brandon, your talent is multifaceted. I think there is a wise old man lurking inside of you. I love your quotes and art. Your fox and macaw seem as if they are made of solid glass and you could lift them up from the page. Very, very nice. I shared this in the media. I’m pleased to meet such a talented young artist. Your star is going to shine very bright:)

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    • Thanks, I like the word you used to explain it. Yeah I’m an old soul, an indigo child. I wish you could see them in person, you would love it. Thanks for the share!! Happy to hear that :D. All you have to do is never give up and the limits are endless. if you give up there is no why anymore. Glad you commented on here. Have a great day/night!


  2. You’re very talented. Thank you for sharing. Whenever I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed I come to your sight, put on some music and brows, leaving me feeling good. Thank you.
    And thanks for visiting me. May God continue to enhance your talent. 🙂 Shalom..

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    • Thank you! Thanks for looking at my work.
      Well happy to hear you like my blog and that you looked through everything! means a lot.
      I’ll continue doing what I’m doing.
      No problem, have a great night!

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    • Love the explanation! I’ve heard that a few times. Thanks, I get a lot of response on this piece compared to most. I’m guessing it’s because of the fox. People love foxes.


  4. Beautiful. I see a man in a suit somewhere on the bottom right. With his arms crossed and looking down. I don’t know whether it is meant or not.. but the whole thing is just beautiful.

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    • Thank you! Yes it’s like a sculpture but not. If you understand that. Slowly keep adding and adding. It’s like clay. Over time the picture creates itself. It’s something that makes my mind be free. These are drawings by the way, not trying to correct to. “Magnificent” I love that word!
      Have a magnificent day!

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