I Finished up the drawing on Thursday.

There were many different guesses on what this could be. Some were correct, others close. A few were off by a lot.

I’m not saying there’s a correct image of this drawing, you create whatever you want. What you see is what you imagine. If you see different than another person, who cares.

In my eyes this is a drawing of a Fox. Like I said before, we all see differently. So I see a certain image of a Fox. Just because I see a certain image doesn’t mean you’ll too.

Create whatever image you want of the fox.

My art is tricky at times, people see multiple images at once. Making it more interesting in a way.

Now I begin my new drawing.

188 thoughts on “Fox

  1. Wow!! Brandon Knoll, your artwork in amazing!!! I see a Fox as well, but I see the fox trapped in ice. And I also see a hint of two smaller animals, I can’t make out, standing in front of the fox, below.
    I also like the fact, it has a stained glass effect, but not in a flat way. More 3D!!
    None the less, love the painting, and am already a fan of your aesthetic skills!! 🙂

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    • Thank you!!!! I appreciate it. I’ve heard the trapped in ice a few times and the two small animal.
      People have told me the stained glass window as well. Yes if you could see it in person it’s more 3D.

      Thanks for comparing my work to being aesthetic!

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    • Randomly came across this now, looks like I forgot to comment, haahahah.

      I forget a few here and there. Sorry! 🙂

      Happy go hear that. 🙂

      Glad you’re a loyal follower. You always have been since day 1! 🙂

      Much love.


    • The light is on the good side, hahaha. yes you start in one spot and end in the other. If I was really good I could never take the pencil of the paper maybe one day I’ll try something like that.


    • Thanks, not sure when you first followed but I appreciate the follow as well. I will, my dad mentioned about framing it and putting it in his hangout area. It’s all animal related too. He said it’s his favorite too.

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