Nearly Finished.


This is the progress of how far I got on Monday. With these colors added you’ll probably have an easier guess.

This drawing is challenging in its own way. You can’t see it now, but there is a lot of detail in the uncolored areas. When I’m done with the drawing hopefully you can make up the detail.

Yesterday I was sent home early from work so I got 2 extra hours in last night.

I’m thinking today I’ll finish this drawing, or have a very little amount left.

Do you see the same image, or a different image as before?


84 thoughts on “Nearly Finished.

  1. Ah, now the blue and gold macaw is starting to emerge. I hope you didn’t get sent home from work early for a bad reason. (I know someone with a history of being sent home early from work so she can start looking for another job, and no, it’s not me.)

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    • I like your guess. No it was because I was working outside and it started raining and it was really windy. Wouldn’t get any business so they told me to go home. Hahaha funny joke, I usually listen to people unless what you’re saying is ridiculous. Don’t argue much.


  2. Not sure what it is yet? But your drawings are amazing! I love the stained glass 3-d look you create with your shapes and shading. Very original. Can’t wait to see the finished product! I love to draw and find it relaxing, but you are a master artist!

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    • That’s okay, you don’t have to have an answer. Just look at it hahaha.
      Thanks, it’s a style I picked up. I turned it into my own style. It was nuts shapes put together.
      It’s relaxing for me as well. Sometimes stressful, but you know it could be worse.
      A master artist? Huh, thank you for such the compliment!


  3. At first I thought it could be person hunching over, but then I kept seeing….birds! This is amazing art. I am NOT a visual person, so being able to do something like this is beyond my scope of understanding.
    Do you take photographs and turn them into art?

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    • I think I can see the person. A bird is an awesome guess. Thank you!!
      It’s okay we’re all different, you can always try to improve.
      Yeah I find real life images and turn them into my art. Not good enough to make this 100% out of my imagination I wish, only have seen few artist that can do that.

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      • Maybe someday I can send you a portrait of my son playing baseball and you can make it into art…that would be such an awesome thing to have to remember these years.

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      • Well usually if the price is right we can talk, hahahaha. You know how it works lol. Usually I create what I want, soon I might start doing commissions. But I’ll consider it.


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