Here is the Finished drawing. It took longer than it was supposed to because of my vacation. It could have taken me about a week and a half instead it took about 3 weeks.

The drawing Is done and that’s the only thing that matters. The length of time it takes to create the drawing should’nt matter. Just create art, that’s what art is supposed to be about.

Creating, not perfection. There has never been a correct way or a wrong way, create as you choose.

In the process of making this drawing there were countless different guesses. A few of the guesses were so descriptive, I had no idea how people could see these things in my art.

But like I said before, art can be anything in any form. We all see differently.

This is a drawing of a bird, at the start of this drawing I thought it was a parrot and over time people were guessing Macaw. I Googled the two different birds and figured out the difference.

It’s a drawing of a Macaw.

The process of this was fun, the colors were different and it was a little smaller than the past 2 drawings I have made. Smaller but more detail. I like to hide all the detail in the drawings so people can observe the detail within the detail.

Everyone have an awesome Monday, because you know it’s Monday the beginning of a new week.

The greatest day of the week, hahahah.


105 thoughts on “Macaw

  1. As soon as I saw it, my first thought was parrot, but it looks like it’s made of colored diamonds, or the parrot is encased in glass or ice. I like, it, because its so much different from some of the art I see. A unique and special work. No wonder it took three weeks.

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  2. I love how the different shades of each color give it a 3D effect! I don’t know if you intended it to be that way, but it makes it even cooler! It gives the effect that you would see on a winkled piece of paper. I love it!

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  3. A parrot at first sight. But for me it’s beyond the birds (either parrot or macaw). It’s more about how the bird is beautifully encased in colourful crystals. The blend of colours is unique and lovely. A rare artwork from a true talent. I really love it. Thanks Brandon.

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    • Yeah we all think parrot at first because we don’t know birds, hahaha. I like the way you explain my art, I’ve heard the crystals before, I can see it. I’m happy to hear these words from you. Much love!

      Have a awesome day and continue being great!

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    • Thank you, it could that they are animals too, not sure how long ago you followed buy I remember your comment on the fox. Yes I see improvement from over the months. Thank you again, have a great day!

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    • Thank you, thank you!!! The way I make my work is usually for other people. I’m in the process of making prints. It could be a while but when I make prints you can get one. Or if the price is right I guess the original cn go.

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  4. You create amazingly ! Your work shows your diligence, patience, perseverance, love of detail, and courage with colour – then there is the picture itself for the great reward. Well done, keep on creating, your work is quite unique. Parrot or macaw ?? – love this piece.

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    • Thank you very much!! Your interpretation is correct, all of that is agreeable with my work. I’d say patience is my number one key to everything. Life hits you with a lot of challenges on patience. It’s just up to you how you present it. Usually the person sprinting to win the race looses. The one to relax and take their time wins. I feel like tearing my art up with frustration sometimes lol. Thank you I will keep creating I have no reason to give up. Thanks for the lovely comment! Have a great rest of your day! It’s a Macaw, I thought it was a parrot at the beginning haha, I’m not a bird expert. You learn new things everyday.

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    • When I first started drawing it I thought it was a parrot too. After research found out it was a macaw.

      Thank you! The colors and beak turned out just the way I imagined.
      Happy you like it!


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