New drawing, the start.


This is the start of my new drawing. The image is a little blurry, because I took the picture from a distance. I wanted to show you how much space I’m going to use.

There will be a lot of little details in this one. I already started so I’m going to finish it.

I used to feel rushed all the time, but now I just take my time, or the art could not turn out the way it should.

At the moment I feel like giving up, I’m trying my best to not give up.

I always end up drawing the most difficult thing.

Now I begin and see what I come up with.


21 thoughts on “New drawing, the start.

  1. yeah,same here with my sculptures. an idea. much elaboration in mind. choose stock. pre-shape. set up for carving. begin blocking out main masses……..whew! what have i got myself into?…..pray for Spirit assistance…. suddenly off in a whole new direction… some hours later, fall into bed…some hours later, up and at it again…

    ambitious amount of space you’ve proposed to fill there, Brandon. your drawings remind me of the mathematics called string theory and also weavers who use the methods for making fish nets….


    • I wisah i could do what you do, hahaha. Make art all day every day. That’s the dream. I looked up the string theory and i totaly understand it. I belive it as well. Everything is made up of frequency, vibration and energy. Yes fish nets too. Sorry i just saw this now.


  2. “I always end up drawing the most difficult thing.”
    ~ If we don’t challenge ourselves, we will never discover what we’re truly capable of. And what a challenge you’ve set yourself!
    ~ Moving forward with steady small steps is much better than racing ahead only to burn out from exhaustion before reaching the finish line.

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  3. I have no clue on this one yet, but I can’t wait to see it as it progresses. I’m sorry you’re feeling discouraged. It happens to all creative people. I hope it passes for you quickly. Please don’t give up! There are people out here who appreciate your unique artistry.

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    • I finished a good amount to far, I think it’s looking good so far. Yes you’re correct it happens to everyone. I won’t give up, hahaha.

      Happy to hear those words. Want to make a difference with my art.


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