More colored in, much to go.


This is the progress of how far I got on Thursday. I also worked on it for a few hours on the weekend. As I have said before, it takes extremely long to color in my work. I apologize for how slow it takes me sometimes.

I believe you shouldn’t rush your art at all.

Imagine all the things that could be created and achieved. If people thought before their actions. Greater outcomes would happen.

If I rush my whole piece of art, the true potential won’t show. If I try my absolute best and say I didn’t give up and I fail. I’m happy with trying the best I did and failing.

Say I were to “fail” at this drawing. I only learned and my craft improved I can’t be disappointed about that. Yes it might not be everything I imagined or perfect.

There is no perfection, I influence you to make mistakes on your art or you won’t improve. Go crazy make something no one has ever seen.

There are no limits the imagination is limitless.

With all that has been colored in, what do you see in the image now?

Thank you everyone and have a great day!


57 thoughts on “More colored in, much to go.

  1. If this is what I think it is, I’ve only seen one in my whole life (outside of the zoo, that is), despite growing up backpacking and hiking with my parents. As it so happens, this sighting wasn’t even in the wild! I was stepping out of my apartment at night in the edge neighborhoods of the city I currently live in. It was such a surprise!

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  2. I see reflections of glass searching, aching for peace! They want to escape off the canvas, the black and white chaos wanting, waiting, to grip and pull and jolt the missing pieces together. You’re quite a talented young man. I’m not easily moved and yet you’re unfinished chaos inspires delight. 🙂

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    • Thank you!!! No problem, I like to scavenge through all the blogs. Well awesome! Thanks for the follow and the share! I really appreciate the share! You too, I send much love and happiness your way.

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    • Thank you, much appreciated!! One difficult/ thing I’m improving on with my art is patience. I have a horrible attention span and get distracted easily. Art helps me relax I guess. So making art like this helps improve my patience. At times I feel like going crazy tho. It’s so many shapes and colors, I take a lot of breaks. Just trying to push myself and make things more challenging.
      We have all the time on the world there is no need to “hurry” take it easy.
      Thank you again, it’s a drawing by the way. Not trying to correct you just informing you.

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