Update on the drawing.


This is how far I got on Monday, little by little I keep adding more.

Whenever I’m coloring I get bored in one area and end up coloring all over the place. That’s why there is random color.

If I were to focus on one area it would all fade into one part. How it does at the bottom.

I feel it’s because I’m very squirmy I guess. I’m always moving I can’t focus, I have to be moving.

When I think about nothing and draw I’m kind of like a kid walking down the middle of the road. Kicking rocks, skipping, screaming and just being a kid.

What I mean when I say that is my mind is free and I don’t care. A kid’s mind is free. As you grow up you become more of an adult.

You either loose the kid within or it stays with you. With my art I can show my childish side. The side most people fear to show. I always feel young and like a kid. I don’t think I’ll ever grow up.

At times I get into deep thought and think this.

Here I am this person, on this world. Living the life I have, wherever I am. I’m told to “grow up” what exactly does that mean?

My definition of growing up is probably different than most people.

I never fit in with most people, somehow I have these skills I don’t know how I received.

Being an art person is like being a kid your whole life.

Only kids make art, they say.

When you grow up you don’t make art kids make art.

Forever I will be a kid at heart. My art helps me with this much more. It makes my childish behavior never go away.

I look at kid’s making art and it’s so interesting. They are very focused. So focused they ignore everything else.

If you were to watch me, I’m a kid making a drawing. I smile and laugh and I’m singing to my music.

I feel as if I’m a little kid stuck in this body. Here I am and I make art.

Art is much more than art. If you really think about it. Art is everything. Without art nothing would be here.

All of the shapes and colors represent the pieces of the artwork.

The kid puts the color to the paper.

I started babbling, this happens sometimes. I usually write these on the spot. Hopefully someone understood that.

Can anyone guess what the drawing could be, with what has been added?

Thank you everyone and have a great day!

87 thoughts on “Update on the drawing.

  1. While reading along my mind envisioned a child at a table, crayon in hand, lip slightly bitten, all the focus in the world pouring into their work. You are so right!

    I love it for the very reasons you’ve mentioned. With chronic pain it kind of pushes that away for a while each day. What a blessing!!

    Your current piece is amazing, as always! Some of them remind me of a sparkling diamond in the sun. Happy painting!!

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    • I love your imagery. Children know much more than we think.

      Yes a lot of people with “disabilities” are good at art. I’m not told I’m different. But I totally feel different, I’m always squirmy.

      Thank you, yes I’ve had many different descriptions of my work. I like your imagery of my work.

      It’s a drawing by the way. Thank you!

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  2. You know, I work at a kindergarten, and one of the most interesting things for me is to see the kids draw! Every child has a different technique and uses different colors. You can really see them in the drawing, and you can see where their personality is gowing, and how their mind is working, and their growth. It’s truly amazing. They reveal themselves in their drawing more than any adult ever could.
    As for the drawing – I see a lioness, or perhaps a baby lion
    Great progress!

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    • I believe children’s drawings express how they feel inside. I treat little kids just like adults. They understand everything in a weird way.

      You’re in the correct direction. It’d probably the nose.
      Thank you!


    • Okay good, I just express what I want because it’s art in a way. Take it how you want. If you like it you don’t if you do thanks. People like to start arguments.
      I do well with children I seem to be more like them then adults. You can handle kids well? Yeah we could be.

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  3. “Being an art person is beinga kid your whole life…” I like the way doing art has been compared to being closer to our child selves, the innocent ones, the free ones. It must be liberating, isn’t it?

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  4. Wow, this looks amazing. That level is detail is insane! Can’t wait to see it when it’s complete – very fitting for the Tate Modern, if you don’t mind me saying x

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    • We all have it in us, it’s just those who use it. Everyone hides their true self. The child self. Loose the mindset of fear and just take the world of your shoulders. Relax, take it easy. We can all do it.
      I belive you can too, just find something that brings you joy and happiness. Follow that and you will be successful.


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