Quote 18

quote 18

I am what I have always been. I will never change or grow up. I’m a child at heart and forever.

I am me and only me. I don’t know what this question means.

Why would I “grow up” and become someone I’m not.

All it means is you have “changed”

The only slavery is within the mind. Let it take you or be free.

So when you ask me what I want to be when I grow up, my answer is


There is nothing to Chace after or follow but Me.

Become your greatest version and follow what is right.

Do what is best for you.

Are you living this life for you or someone else?

Sorry I have’nt posted a quote in a while, ill start doing them regularly.




78 thoughts on “Quote 18

  1. good…

    On Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at 4:37 PM, Chaotic Shapes wrote:

    > Brandon Knoll posted: ” I am what I have always been. I will never change > or grow up. I’m a child at heart and forever. I am me and only me. I don’t > know what this question means. Why would I “grow up” and become someone I’m > not. All it means is you have “changed” The only” >

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    • Thanks!!
      Yes be very careful with the thoughts they are constantly moving around like clouds. Be aware of them but don’t let them consume you. The mind is very powerful, the brain in general. We all have true potential.

      I don’t look at jail as being in jail or prison either it’s that person decision in a way. They are a reflection of what they see.

      Happy you like it! Have an awesome weekend!

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      • Our thoughts possess the ability to build us or destroy us. Overthinking can do great damage but so can not thinking at all.We need to find balance in order to understand ourselves best.
        You have a great weekend too. Keep spreading positivity :):)

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    • Good, yu need to realize how crazy and important this life is. Human existence in general is mind blowing. In the end why are we here. There’s a purpose for everything. I happen to b good at art for a weird reason I don’t know whu. Yes it takes time to improve an I stuggle. I’m just trying to say you have a skill or talent we all do. It’s just up to you to figure it out. Don’t give up on life. Life to you best potential. Okay I’m done ranting hahahaha.
      Yes it’s my inner self talking. The voice no one usually hears.

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      • I read everything, what you say I understand. You were using everything in comparison. That was good, i liked that. We all have different ways of expressing our selves. Words are like art. When I write the form of writing is different than yours. I can write however i want. Same with you. The view makes the reaction. Anything I write or you write is the same its just what the people decide to read. If that is understandable. Just write and let it come out anyway same with the art.

        Thank you, i wish I could talk over it, but my voice is deep and moto toned. That’s what I think I’m probably okay. we just don’t like our own voices.


  2. I can be you; deft and swift
    I can be strength
    Flexible even – if I will
    I can be an orator
    Then talk great words
    Or be a soldier
    Then conceive great fights
    Or chivalrous and a dancer
    Then all ladies and belles
    All would chance on me
    But of all great things
    Be ME is what I will

    *just fooling around

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  3. Really liked this. It’s so easy at a certain age to start wondering if you’re doing it right, doing what’s expecting. It’s such a shame. We have one life and we really should be doing as you said – being the best version of ourselves. All the rest comes afterwards.

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    • Thank you! Just follow what’s in your mind. Become who you are. Depending how you decide to look at things is how your journey begins. Happy you enjoyed my short quote.


  4. Very nice!!!! Deep philosophy for one who is ‘young’ in years if not in wisdome.
    Similar to a quote by R.L. Stevenson which I have adopted for my own life philosophy ..”to be what you are and to become all that you are capable of becoming is the only end of life.” with the addition ..”for .what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffer the loss of his own soul?”

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    • Thank you, I appreciate the comment. You just need to look at things deeper into depth. Every line on words has a depper meaning than told, you just have to look for it.
      I believe death is a beautiful thing, you’ve lived your who life, done everything you can. Hopefully had a long happy life, achieve what you have in mind. Then you pass away, life continues. I wish they didn’t make death such a weird thing in America especially, in most parts of the world they teach and treat it the opposite we do. Most people fear death and are scared of it. You can feel it, it just happens. Enjoy every moment while you can.
      I used to read all his books, goosebumps. I understand his quote, at the end of life is where you experience everything. In a way death is the meaning to life. You die and then you live, it’s just how it works. No one can avoid it.
      I agree with that quote too. Be happy and enjoy what you like don’t suffer everyday. When the soul is lost hopefully love and happiness is within. When death happens all you have to do is die happy. Love a long happy life.
      Okay I’m done babbling, hahaha.
      Thanks for the comment, it got me talking.


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