Start of the new drawing


It took me a while to find a picture that caught my eye. Eventually I decided to draw this image.

The paper is turned sideways. I have masking tape holding my paper down. Try to ignore it, sorry about that.

I noticed that when I was last drawing, I messed up some of the proportion. The current image might be changed a little bit, but the same idea.

I know I don’t have much here. With what I’ve drawn so far, can you guess what this might be?

Take your time observing there is no rush.



58 thoughts on “Start of the new drawing

  1. Brandon, what are you trying to do to your fans? Drive us crazy? I’m trying to get my head around this being sideways, but I don’t know which side is up and which is down. Everywhere I look, I see animal faces. I’m totally stumped, but I’ll keep watching.

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    • Hahaha, yeah pretty much. I’m only giving you clues here and there. The answer is never just given to you.
      You’ll have to keep following along.
      Thanks for the comment.


  2. It seems to me a person/statue(wearing a hat like those military people who do during parades) and holding any instrument from both of his/its hand.😁

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      • Yesssssir I will. And also as far as speaking you know about the progress of drawing and the shapes and functions. Eventually are you going to explain and talk about different elements as well that is important when taking the step to drawing.

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      • Good, hahaha. Yes I do, we’ll my friend. I don’t know how to explain what I do. I never was taught or had someone teach me. I taught myself. It just comes naturally some how. Yourself is the greatest teacher. Arts a difficult subject. People’s thought are all over the place. When people tell you your wasting you time just smile and wave. Don’t absorb the words. The haters will hate man. Be you and success will come your way, one way or another. I was think about making YouTube videos maybe in the future. What I do is make multiple silouetes within the image and “cut” them into smaller detailed colorful pieces. I make some art in black and white depends on the drawing, changes the emotions.

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      • Well you know Picasso quote saying some about how a great artist steals from others. That’s me. I don’t take people’s art. I throw all the ideas together and create my own. No idea is original in a way. Art is visual and physical. Use what you see and create. It’s however you look at it I guess. I’m kind of just babbling right now. I think you’ll understand.

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