Finished Sketch.


Here is the finished sketch. I ended up coloring part of it as well. Whenever I finish a sketch I always want to show you without color for your interest.

With no color your eyes don’t know where to focus and you’ll look all over the place. Maybe your eyes focus to one area, creating a picture within your mind.

All I will say is look at the darker areas. The patches of black will identify what the picture is. If I did’nt color in the darker areas, I would get lost in my work myself. There would just be lines connected everywhere. Doing this helps me out.

With the sketch being finished what do you see in this image?

Remeber to relax and not get overwhelmed looking everywhere. Take your time and think of what your eyes see.

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71 thoughts on “Finished Sketch.

  1. Iโ€™m not going to say what I saw after I looked at it for a while, but what I first saw actually looked like someoneโ€™s shoulders and their head on a desk. Sounds silly now Iโ€™ve written that, it was just a โ€˜first sawโ€™ thing!

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    • Who cares, we’re all different. If I look at a picture and you look at a picture we both think of and create are own ideas in the mind. Yours happened to be someone laying their head on a desk.
      If you can draw it out show me, I’m always interested. People find the most interesting things in my art.


  2. This is going to come out as great as always, I’m sure:)
    I see a Vulture or an Eagle with its beak towards the left side, pretty much like it’s giving a side pose. Guess I’ll have to wait and watch?

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