Quote #19

quote 19

All of our paths are different. Everyone goes down a different path.

When you think freely you start crossing the correct path.

If you keep following the correct paths you will reach a light of eternal happiness.

This light is whatever you create it to be.

You will feel free, eventually the correct roads will just happen.

Without time to sit and think about what road to cross, you will likely go down the wrong path.

Creating a false path, choosing the opposite of what you have now.

Over time of just choosing the wrong paths you get lost and it never ends. It’s just constant lefts and rights.

When you think before you do something the light finds you. You don’t even have to find it.

You can always start going down the correct path, that’s just up to you.

It’s not for me or anyone else to know if the path is correct. Don’t ask me, I don’t know the answer to your thoughts. Only you do.

If the path seems to be correct follow it, if not maybe think a second time or a third. If you still are thinking about it maybe just don’t go down that road.

You will only know and no one else.

That’s the thing life happens to you and you don’t happen to life.

25 thoughts on “Quote #19

    • If those words connected with you in a certain way they probably mean something special to you. Thanks you, the flow of words just come out as I think.
      I find this line to be powerful as well, eventually over time the habit of thinking the correct way just appear. Do what it correct always and you won’t even have to think about it. If you’re always thinking about your actions it’s probably time to switch things up.
      Thank you for reading, happy you like my writings.

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      • Brandon, you are so right, it takes only so much time before thinking and doing the right thing comes naturally to us. Sometimes we just need to let it be, and wait for it show its wonders.
        Your words give me a dose of much needed positivity and I highly appreciate that 🙂

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      • Thank you! Yes, exactly in the correct moment everything will come. As long as you are doing what you’re suppose to be doing. Everything will follow the correct way.
        Happy to hear that!!! Keep spreading love and positivity everywhere you go. Love is the only energy to make this world a greater place.

        Have a awesome Sunday!

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