Adding color now. (Black, Gray, White)

21175344_1728536810535335_413527008_n (1)

Iv’e been working on this quite quickly. It’s a little smaller than most of my pieces, but has a lot of little details.

The colors in this one are different than most drawings I’ve made. For some reason I feel like drawing a black, gray and white drawing. It brings out a different beauty to the eye.

These are the colors we would see if there was no light. Reality would be completely different. Appreciate the simple fact of colors.

If this were to be in bright colors and happy colors the energy of the picture would reverse. Maybe you look at this and feel different than you would if there was color.

Imagine a dark and gray, glommy world. All of the time. No sun or colors. It would be kind of depressing. But interesting on how humans would act towards each other.

With the color I have added, do you see any image? If so, what do you see?

No one is ever wrong or correct. Any guess is accepted.

Thank you for looking at my work.







43 thoughts on “Adding color now. (Black, Gray, White)

  1. OK so I think I’m weird … I mean I always guessed, but now… it’s confirmed.. I see a pack of wolves… and I saw a FAINT lion face after I saw the comments

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    • You’re not weird lol, we all see something different. I’ll look closely and see if I can spot the wolves. There might be a face of a lion in the picture.
      Thanks for the comment, don’t feel weird for commenting.


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