Progress on Drawing.



The colors on this are quite different than most of my past drawings. I’ll probably end up making another one like this. I’m not sure what I’m drawing next.

This is how far I have reached since Monday. I worked on this drawing for a while on Sunday as well. I’m doing the best I can with the colors to separate each section.

As of what I have right now, what do you see?

If you see something crazy, still comment and let me know.

Maybe you have already guessed, but now your guess is different.

For comparison.

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65 thoughts on “Progress on Drawing.

  1. Hi Brandon. Sorry I have been away but I am back now and following WordPress. Again no clue to your wonderful but enigmatic drawing. I will not give up and continue to guess what it is. Just out of curiosity though, what do you use to color your drawings? They are magnificent! MZ

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    • Hello, it’s okay if you were away. I appreciate you spend your time looking at my work.
      Enigmatic, I like the word. Very mysterious…
      Sounds good, the next update I’m guessing you’ll have a guess.
      I use prismacolor colored pencils.
      They are on the expensive side, it’s a mixture of different pigments. Adds a shine and bold to the paper.

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  2. Hey I am Saurav. I turned it over, left, right, upside down! It looks like a mountainous terrain and then suddenly a diamond in the next second! But I think ‘someone’ is hidden beneath the picture, may be a man or woman…! but anyway, I loved your blog!

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    • Hey saurav, good job! With my art sometimes it can face multiple ways. It gets tricky at times. Interesting on what you see in my art. I love your comment, thank you I appreciate it I’ll take a look at what you see as well. Have a great day!


    • Yeah I am, hahaha. I was explaining this to someone the other day. I create my art but act like I’m a viewer. I’ll give you hints here and there depending on your comment. No one is ever handed the answer, you have to work for it. I make everyone antsy waiting for the answer.
      That might be correct. I just did it here, hahaha. Gotcha
      Thank you!!!!


  3. This is absolutely beautiful- I love the grayscale colors, especially when you normally think of a lion as being golden-brown. Definitely a different perspective! Love it!

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    • Thanks! I felt like drawing something in dark colors this time. Yeah it’s interesting to think about that. Before I said the world would all look like this if we had no color. We see this but the light brings color.
      Thank you! Happy you like it.


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