Almost Complete


This is how far I got on Thursday. With having this color combination it’s a little tricky to fill in all the shapes.

The shades are different in every shape. No two colors the same next to each other. Maybe similar, but a different tone to create the picture.

I’m thinking I should finish this either tonight or early in the morning next time I draw. No tension put onto the paper or the art won’t create the way it’s suppose to. Take deep breaths and slowly over time each shape will be filled in.

A long game of patience, to be honest making art helps me with my everyday to day life. The patience it takes to create art you realise how important patience is. At times I feel like getting angry, but then I remember “patience” Dont give up.

With what I have colored in, what do you see so far? Has your previous guess changed from your last?

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40 thoughts on “Almost Complete

  1. Mantengo l’idea del leone, ma la sorpresa sarà vedere alla fine la paziente mano dell’artista, tu, che ha distribuito il colore tasssello per tasselo e mi ha regalato l’emozione di vederlo crescere. Grazie.

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    • Interesting on what you see. Well it’s a lot of patience. At times I feel like going nuts but then I remember everything will be okay. I feel like I mad scientist with colors, hahah.


  2. It’s so interesting to see the pictures of the progress you make over time. I’m not a visual artist myself, but I appreciate it (meaning I can’t create it, but I find it fascinating and enjoy looking at it). Learning about the process an artist goes through to create something is really cool! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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    • Thank you for all this feedback on my work! You can create whatever you set your heart to. Don’t give up, just do your best.
      Happy you like my art and you’re interested in my work.
      Have a great day!

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