Thank you for 40k views!


Also when I took a look at the places, people have seen my work iv’e reached 7 countries with over 1,000 views. A few with even more. I’d like to thank everyone for having me reach this far and supporting my work.

It’s crazy to imagine 40,000 people in my mind, it’s not the number that counts but the amount of love you put into something. The numbers are just extra, but I do appreciate all of them. Who knows what is next to come, anything is possible. My main focus should be the art not the stats.

Thank you one more time for following me on my art journey. It took about 8 months to reach 40,000 views. I’m not sure if that’s good or not, I’m new to this internet thing. It took me some time to figure all of this out, but now I have it figured out. I never thought I would be making a blog or website. Not in a million years, somehow it happened.

Everyone from around the world have a great weekend! I appreciate the support of my work, much more art to come. Stay tuned.


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