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The words and thoughts that go through your mind create you. What you think of or say you become.

Saying or thinking one single different word could change your life forever.

The words create everything we have. Math as well. We need math and language for mostly everything.

Without these two subjects we would be lost. Where did these come from? I’ve always wondered that. I have thoughts and ideas. I read a lot of Egyptian history and about the pyramids. I recommend you do as well, very interesting.

A single word can change you forever. There are several hormones that are produced off thoughts and ideas in the brain. Cortisol is one of the hormones.

When you feel under stress, woried, scared, tense or angry. Some sort of negative feeling. A negative hormone is produced, called cortisol.

Symptoms of this are rise in blood pressure, higher cholesterol, artery wall inflammation and a few more symptoms.

If I were to tell you that just thinking negative thoughts could physical harm you might think I’m crazy, the facts are in the science.

Our bodies are nothing but just a bunch of chemical reactions going on at once.

Listen to your body and try your best to control your Energy/happiness levels.

If you think negative you become negative. If you think positively, you become a positive person.

If you focus on a skill or craft your body focuses on that craft. The hormones throughout your body get a high in a way. It’s a long story to explain. Similar to a mad scientist working, hahaha.

The same goes with a word. Just keep saying it and thinking it and you’ll see the results of it trust me.

Become what you think, and say.

I might sound crazy in all of this but, this is how I express myself.

I believe it to be true. Science proves a lot of things, but then again, nothing can be 100% true so I guess in all theory we will never know anything.

So saying that. We know nothing as a species we only have ideas. Everything we learned was created by someone just like you. Let the thoughts in your mind be free. Dont let the words and things you see change you.

Listen to the words and phrases produced in you. Don’t let negative phrases enter within. Still listen to others, don’t ignore them but listen.

This is how I explain this in a way.
There’s a barrier/wall in front of your subconscious mind. The thoughts and voices you hear all knock on the door.

In my imagination I imagine a huge glove hand, knocking on the door. Using a fake voice as a incognito, but an evil message is in front of the door. You control the opening and closing of the door.

Who you let and what phrases you decide to come in, create who you are.

Listen to the correct knocks, if the knock of the words entering your mind is incorrect.

The doors must stay shut. If they open, you are temporarily taken down for that moment.

When the doors open part of you is destroyed. You can rebuild yourself and heal the doors.

The choices you make and decide, open or keep the doors shut.

Follow your heart and soul and the thoughts and dreams you have will happen right in front of you.

The words can reflect off the doors being ignored or you can let them right on in.

The door being damaged, it takes a certain amount of time or “math” to open or shut.

The damage is the math being involved, I believe so.

Like what I said before, we need math and language or we would know nothing.

Just never give up.

Good luck to you all, takecare and be sure to monitor what goes in and out of the gateway to your soul.

45 thoughts on “Quote #20

  1. In therapy, I learned words are powerful. What we think about is powerful too. I learned to notice the negative thought and decide not to listen to it. I changed that thought into a positive one. This has helped me to not fall into despair. But I have to add, I am a believer in God and the positive things I try to think and say are Bible verses that give me hope and comfort.

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    • It’s awesome how you are open about this. Most people hide behind their fears. You’re open about your fears right here.
      Whatever works best for you is best, what you belive in your heart is true.
      Anything is better than something negative, don’t neglect your power and pass your negativity to someone else.
      Thank you for sharing your story on here, I appreciate it!


    • I agree with you, most people decide to ignore the pain and conflicts in life but you can’t. You have to face them. At least attempt, try.
      I had to look that up quick, it told me something about bullying.

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      • Yeah you can’t do that, running away is the worse thing you can do. In this society we live in they purposely put everyone in fear. They want you to live in fear. It’s up to you take the challenge on face all your fears and become the best person you can.
        Do what you want to do, not what others tell you. Create your life, don’t be placed somewhere.
        Schools don’t know how to handle bullying they don’t really care about it they don’t understand.
        Thank you for commenting, I appreciate your message.

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    • I like you interpretation, I challenge you to face your fear everyday for a week. Slowly over time try to over come it. Over time you’ll succeed. Just don’t give up. Start soon, don’t wait till later. I belive in you.
      Have a great night. I appreciate the comment.

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    • Thank you, yes exactly speak the words let them sink within your mind and you will become them. Remember we’re all the same person experiencing the same life. No one is different we’re all the same human. The only difference is your personality. Other than that fear nothing. That’s what helps me a lot. Here we’re everything is made up of energy and vibrations, nothing matters. But at the same time is does.
      Hopefully you understand this complex comment, and I don’t sound nuts.


      • Hey thanks Brandon I really appreciated your comments and yes we need to speak words of truth that will sink into our hearts and minds. Not a single human being is separate we r all one and there is only Oneness in Unity so why fear and for what. Keep it up.

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      • Hello, thank you. Yes I agree with you 100% make sure to spread the word. But in a peaceful none pushy way. See when you talk like this a lot of people look at you like you’re nuts. Need to expand your conccious, open the mind. Start accepting things.
        Have a happy and loving Monday!
        Remember nothing brings you down but yourself. Just ignore the thoughts of the confused copies of you. Don’t create war, peace and love.


      • Yes yes true and when u speak words of truth u know Brandon they think u r mad. Anyway will try in not a pushy way though to put across what we want and not have wars or any chaos but peace and love and happiness all around. A happy Monday to u too dear.

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  2. I love the ideology of a “huge glove hand, knocking on the door” 🙂
    We as humans craft substance out of a hollow nothingness and hence, we should be careful while sculpturing our thoughts.

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    • Thank you, it’s something I imagine in a scary cartoon for little kids, for an understandment of the conscious for children. Or maybe even adults.
      Yes exactly we are nothingness and all are thoughts do is create what we are. That’s it nothing much, you and me are both nothing and the same. There is no self. Just one. People are confused because of all the masks we have.
      Happy you like the quote!! 🙂

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      • Very true, its in all reality the masks we put on that mislead and misguide our otherwise simple existences. All we need is raw honesty, for it can be bitter sometimes but then it presents things, situation without any manipulation, as they are.

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      • Yeah exactly. Plato has a quote saying something like “the man who tells the truth has no friends” it’s very true. But in the end you don’t run away from the fear you face it.

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      • That is exactly the thing about honesty that holds us back, its abillity to be so bitterly harsh is what inculcates in us a strange hesitancy to communicate things for how they really are.

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      • I’m kinda truthful myself whenever I speak I’m the one to be looked at weirdly. Like how did you come up with those word and ideas? It’s all from within the mind, caution on what roads to cross but control where you travel in the mind.
        But yes I agree with you, the world is just a big lie. No one tells the truth.

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      • This reminds me of the Noel coward quote :
        “It’s discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.”
        Honesty, its always the best road you’ll chose to travel upon, so never give up on that.
        It was really nice hearing what you had to say. Thankyou 🙂
        Have a good day.

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      • Thanks for sharing very interesting, happy you shared. I agree with you but in this word we rather live in fear. Fear is all created within the mind.
        You too, no problem. Thank I will! 😀

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  3. Totally agree with you but I would like to add that we all have a negative and positive side to each of us like in the Chinese yin-yang so it’s up to us whatever we focus on will grow so it’s up to you to make the choice 😊

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