New sketch (Finished)


I started the sketch on Thursday, forgot to take a picture of what I had finished. There was only a small sliver of what is here now, probably 1/6 of this.

On Saturday I started working on it in the evening and it lead up until the night. I literally didn’t stop to eat till I finished sketching. I was that determined to finish it. It was around 11pm.

For some reason in the past, I used to only want to make drawings in one session. Now I create drawings up to 10 sessions, it varies.

I’ve learned a lot in the past year or so, my speed of sketching is improving by x2. I notice it does’nt take me as long to finish something. It’s all in the practice you can’t give up.

With what I have sketched here, what do you see? Like usual, you can ask questions and say what you’re thinking. But I won’t tell the complete answer, only hints.

Imagine colors of your own, within your mind. look closely at the details.

Goodluck guessing, thanks for viewing my work.





130 thoughts on “New sketch (Finished)

  1. Based on the penguin comment I’m going to go with walrus/seal/sealion. Or maybe it’s just an iceberg. Though you could be going with Galapagos penguins and it’s a giant tortoise. From the sketch alone, though I was going to go with Jabba the Hutt.

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  2. I think I see webbed feet. But I can’t quite make out the whole picture. At first I thought a bird of some kind, but I think I see legs. Hmm… I’m on my phone. I’ll have to look at it on my monitor later. Maybe I’ll get a better idea of what it is.

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