Progress on drawing (added color)


I’ve been adding color for the past few days. This is how far I was two days ago. I have a little more colored in than what is here.

At this point I thought it was the time to take a picture.

Look at the details closely and you can start to make up a picture within your mind. Remeber the colors create the picture, so think of things that are this color. Or maybe the colors don’t even matter, with art anything is possible.

Obsereve the picture for a while and create an idea of what you see.

Did your guess change at all from last time? What do you see this time?

Let me know what you see in this picture, thank you for viewing my art.

I hope everyone has had an awesome weekend.

53 thoughts on “Progress on drawing (added color)

      • I’m taking a look right now, slowly seeing it. Wish you could show me in person and draw it out and show me. I think I’m seeing the second face. I’ll make sure to look later, going to start working on stuff soon.
        Thank for interpreting the picture for me!

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      • Here’s my advice. I want you to go to an empty room with nothing in it to distract you. No noise no images no nothing.

        In silence and solitude is when your mind creates ideas and inventions. Do this for about 15 minutes at a time. Each time you are “stuck” or “lost”
        If you need help or ideas I can help just ask, like where to go. Sometimes the setting changes your ideas.

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      • Nice advice. Generally I am alone in my room. You see, sometimes when I get lot of silence, a lot of thoughts and ideas come up but they don’t actually combine. Some broken pieces of my thoughts searching itself to make it complete.

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      • I understand, do you write in a journal or on your phone at all? Whenever you’re thinking something important write in down or put it in your phone.

        There are times I think of the craziest ideas and I drop everything and write them down. The other day I was in a focused run and I stopped running to write my thoughts down, trust me it’s important.
        One thought or idea could change your life forever. That one thing, that one little thing. That you never did.

        It’s happened to me a lot, the drawings I make for example I can draw million and millions of things it’s endless, but in the end I decide that one thing.

        Before you create anything, think about death imagine this is the last day and the last piece of work you will create.
        If you mess with your mind you can be very creative, it’s like a game.
        I probably sounds very crazy in this, hahah. It’s just my thought I thought I would just say what I’m actually thinking.

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      • no, i am flattered. Actually i just started writing. And i am enjoying it now a lot. And yes, i do write my random thoughts on my phone. i especially downloaded this “Evernote ” app to pen down my random thoughts. And thanks for the help. It helped me writing my today’s post. hope you like it.

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    • What you imagine and think about your mind focuses on, you’re probably thinking about him a lot lately.
      He’s one of the few people I look up to. A “role model” I’m trying to become the best version of myself but learn a lot from him.


      • Oh I see, that’s okay we’re all different people and have different thoughts and ideas. Remember their is no race but labels, just because you’re Indian doesn’t mean you have to like him. People are very stereotypical.

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    • I can totally relate to this. I love those crystals it’s so interesting how the world can jut create art like that. Love the imagination! It’s not a crystal tho. I appreciate the guess, out of the box.


    • Actually I can imagine that in a abstract cartoon style. Kinda like doctor sues. But my style if you understand that. You’re correct in your mind. But my mind thinks differently.
      It’s not a crater on a mountain, love the imagination!


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  2. Brandon, to me it looks like a head in a hood in a side view. I can see the tip of the hood, like the one you wear for xmas. Haha. I can the dark color as the neck. This is really interesting. I can’t wait to see.

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