Quote #22

quote 22

When you speak, vibrations are produced.

When you hear, vibrations enter your ear.

When you taste, nerves send signals to your brain.

When you breathe, you breathe in and then out. Air enters your lungs, then carbon dioxide comes out.

When you touch, signals shoot throughout the body identifing the texture.

When you imagine, you see and interpret creating chemical reactions in your brain. Creating the picture within your mind.

This is the same for all of us, this is all I think of when I imagine a person. Or a being of conscious.

Every doing is vise versa, everything begins and everything ends.

We’re all the same actors, of life.




26 thoughts on “Quote #22

    • Weird, it’s as if we’re the same being thinking the same things. Living the same life

      Happy to hear this from you! Thrilled you actually understand this, probably would get gazed at weirdly for saying this to a group of people, hahaha.
      I send happiness and love your way! Have a fantastic weekend my friend.

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      • No problem, well that’s sad news to here. But turn that negativity into positivity. Appreciate things as simple as sight. I understand, happy I could help.

        I actually have a piece of art that talks about the 5 senses, when you mentioned that you went blind recently I thought of it. It’s called
        “life is in your hands”
        Remember to keep on smiling and live in happiness!!

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  1. Your perspective is holistic and daoist. There are passages in the Tao Te Ching that talk about, “The Mysterious Mother, from which all things spring and to which all things return.” Looking at what you say, you might say that each of us is that Mysterious Mother. The originator of all that is within our personal worlds. Also, I love your work. Some of them almost look like a work is breaking out of a chrysalis.

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    • I read everything you have said. I study a lot of that kinda stuff. I’ve heard that before I think. But yes I belive most of their ways. A lot of deeper thinking.
      Interesting how you can identify that out of my quote. Happy you shared that.
      Thank you, appreciate it. 🙂

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