shark done

Here is the complete drawing. I finished this one quite quick, compared to my other pieces.

Lately I’ve been playing around with my schedule to add every moment I can into my art. Every second you put into your craft you improve that little percent more. It’s the small moments that build up and create the larger pictures. Every sketch every color, everything.

One other thing I’ve noticed is my speed on making art is increasing by a lot, it’s turning into muscle memory. I’m drawing stuff and sometimes i don’t know how, it’s just like everything else out there. Put in the time and reap the benefits.

Yes, i get frustrated still and “mess up” we’re all not perfect. That’s an impossible challenge. No one is 100% perfect or even 110% perfect there is no perfect.

This drawing for example, the shapes and colors. I can put them anywhere i want and people would probably tell me they still like my drawings. It’s hard to “mess up” Being an artist i do have the problem where i want everyhing to look perfect. At times you’ll cacth me drawing the same thing over and over. Then an hour later im satisfied, it’s just the artist in me.

There were so many different guesses on what this could be. I heard things from animals, different dimentions or worlds, masks, people standing and a few others.

See the thing is with art you can imagine whatever you want. There is no freedom or rules, you do as you please. There is no boss or teacher or directions. Just the crazy mysterious mind playing games as it pleases.

The final drawing is a shark to me, if you observe and look at all the detail. You can make up each individual piece. There are a few major pieces to look at, to identify the shark.

If you don’t see the shark at all, like i said before. There are no rules, i’m not correct in saying this is a shark. Neither are you in thinking what your answer is, it could literally be anything to anyone.

Just observe the picture and enjoy what you see for the moment, that’s all I ask for.

I appreciate every single on of you who look at my art. In a weird funky way, without all of you maybe i would’nt be where I am today. Everyone has bad days, reading the comments and loving things people say brighten my mood up. Sparks your mood up, makes you feel creative.

Thank you one last time, everyone have a great day!



115 thoughts on “Shark

  1. Yay itโ€™s a Sharkie! ๐Ÿ˜€ I thought so as I looked at the image before I read the part you said it was (promise ๐Ÿ˜…)

    As an artist, yout end product, whether or not is โ€œperfectโ€ to you, would look beautiful and splendid to a viewer, and they might just find that beauty in what you think is the โ€ mistakeโ€. Thatโ€™s the beauty of being an artist in any area (fashion, writing, drawing, and many more)

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    • I never reveal the answer, hahaha.

      Yeah I agree with what you said and actually I agree with that in life. There is no mistakes in life, just things you learn from. You need so called “mistakes” or there is no learning.


    • Thanks, I can imagine what you’re saying. I’ve noticed my work is 4D or 3D it’s flat but curves it’s as if the shark is jumping at you. I’m improving a lot, thanks for enjoying my work!


  2. I enjoy your art very much. This is a wonderful painting, as are all your paintings. Well, I didn’t write that very well, but I wanted to say how much I like your work.

    I am learning to paint now. Just teaching myself from youtube videos. Lol I’m enjoying it very much. However, I do cheat. I print out a picture I like and trace around it on my canvas. That’s because when I tried painting before I would get discouraged and angry about all the erasing I had to do and trying to get the proportions right. Now I don’t have to worry about all that, I can just mix colors and paint.

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    • Thank you, who cares it’s a freedom of expression. Say what you want, I won’t judge.

      Ahhhh, I see. I understand your situation. You’re kinda using art more for a way to relax. Meditate, keep your mind off things. They have proven making art is the second best way to exercise and improve the brains capability. Using the thoughts and imagination make you use other parts of the brain then usual everyday life.

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      • Well that’s good, happy to hear you use art to de stress. I challenge you not to scream, try to preserve the energy and use it towards something else. Something like a deep breath. I can imagine you screaming even tho I don’t personally know you, haha. My imagination is very crazy.

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    • I can imagine you being like a child saying the answer before a question. That’s good, haha. It means you are interested in my art, it grabs your eyes attention. Happy you like it. ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. YES! Of course it’s a shark! How we see things in your art as you go along and keep drawing helps us to grow in our perception and critical thinking. Thank you for that!

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    • I remember you guessing that. Your mind was probably centered towards gorillas for some reason. That crazy imagination of yours.
      Thank you, appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚
      Working on it right now, keep your eye out..

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  4. Your art is amazing! It reminded me of a particular theorem in maths called the 4 colour theorem that says that any map can be coloured using at most 4 colours such that no two adjacent countries/regions have the same colour. Since your chaotic shapes are quite similar to countries in a map, it seems like a fine meeting point of maths and art. Do check it out for inspiration. I am personally fond of mixed math and art, so hope that you can enjoy it as well.

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  5. Thank you! I looked it up quick. I understand what it’s explaining. When I read it I watched a video as well.
    It’s kinda tripping me out. I think I’m doing exactly what you said but on accident. Without even knowing I’m doing it. Weird. I do appreciate it, colors are my life. I love colors so much I’m like a kid, hahah.
    Thanks for sharing this with me I appreciate it. Now I can maybe come up with new art ideas. Thank you very much! Actually helped a lot. You gave me an answer to a question I always had but never knew.


    • Dont mind asking, its okay. Happy you’re interested.

      I’ll explain it to you how I explain it to everyone.

      This is all free hand using colored pencils. I don’t use one ruler or straight edge everything is by hand.

      I find a picture of something that is interesting to me. For example I found a normal picture of a great white shark opening it’s mouth.

      I could imagine the picture and I decided to draw a shark.

      I have a picture of a normal shark. I have an app/software where I can play with the colors and shapes of the picture, the picture is normal at the beginning. After I play around with it, there’s shapes and colors.

      I don’t use the whole image, by each day I’m trying to be more “creative” out of the mind and be more “natural”.

      Some drawing are 100% out of the imagination but it’s hard, I’m more around 50% or so something like that.

      I use the Internet and my imagination to create each piece of art.

      So I’ll say a mixture of two but mostly with my hands. I draw by looking at things and it parts from there. The drawing could turn into anything.

      Hopefully you understand this, haha. I know I’m all over the place when I talk.

      Thank you for asking!

      Appreciate that your husband was wondering, tell him I say thank you as well.

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    • Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy you like it

      People have compared my work to mosaics before. If I had the utensils I would at least attempt looks difficult hahaha.

      Thanks again, have a great night! ๐Ÿ™‚

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