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Every day you live is another opportunity to become a greater person. Never look at yourself and compare, anything to another person.

You are you and only you. There is no one single person in reality. We all look the same, we just create ideas and thoughts based on are imaginations.

I look at you and think something different than another person.

I try my best to not compare myself to people but at time I do it. When I do, I always correct myself and remind myself that’s a bad habit. Become the greatest version of yourself and don’t become someone you’re not.

Everyone is aspiring to become a person who isn’t even related to them. Don’t follow someone because of the way they look or the material possessions they own.

Try to look at the heart and soul of the person you look at. The skin is just an incognito mask to cover the real person within.

You can play and adjust with your mask, but doing so changes nothing. All it does is change your appearance.

I don’t believe your appearance defines you but creates you as a person. Yes it helps make you who you are but not create you.

It’s just the cover.

The real you is when you speak or use actions. The words are just a hidden voice. We all have the same words and voices. We just sound different. The pages within create you.

When you look in the sky, you see a million different kind of clouds and birds flying around. You see a random vase of flowers and it’s beautiful. All these unique and different shapes and sized objects.

In the end being the same, but looking different in the moment.

Each flower was once a seed. All clouds are made of the same elements.

The sun and the moon look completely different. One is dark and one is light.
If they were to compare each other there would never be a chance.

Compare yourself to the self. Are you doing better than where you were yesterday. Each small step is that much closer to becoming greater. There is no rush, don’t mess up and take wise choices on what to do.

We all have the ability to become what we want. Stop comparing yourself to other people, but become what you vision and seek.

Be the different one and do things no one has thought of. If all you do is compare to others, it will be hard to seek real and true happiness.

Do what is best for you and not others, know when to say yes and no. Don’t let other use you or destroy you. Take charge of yourself and compare yourself to where you were yesterday and improve the best you can.

Progression is progression any amount is greater.

Don’t compare to the past, but learn. There is always time for improvement. Just remember to never give up on yourself. Life hasn’t gave up on you so you shouldn’t give up on life.

Thank you for reading this Goodluck on becoming the greatest version of yourself. I believe in all of you.

44 thoughts on “Quote #23

    • We have bodies to make connections with others and nature. To feel real as human beings and live within the body. Energy and frequencies.
      But other than that there is no true or greater purpose to life. Just live and be happy.
      Thank you appreciate it, happy you enjoy my thoughts. πŸ˜€

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  1. A philosopher and an artist…your talents have no bounds, Brandon. Wishing you light and joy on your path to be the best Brandon Knoll there is πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate your comment. I accept everything you send me and for the favor back I send love and happiness your way.
      Remember we’re no different, there is no Brandon knoll. But I understand you and I appreciate it. πŸ˜€

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  3. Love this man!! Way to reinforce the point to. The examples are spot on and remind me that at the core we are all flesh and blood designed with a heart brain and other vitals. I plan to repost this on my other social media accounts πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎthanks!

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    • Thanks! πŸ˜€
      Yes, I agree with everything you say. I look at it like this we’re all a computer with a software.
      Happy you like it man!
      Sweet, I really appreciate that man! Every little bit helps me out.

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  4. Sometimes a persons appearance can change them on the inside too. Once I began to change how I looked I gained more confidence and as my confidence grew as did my interactions with people.
    I wholeheartedly agree though, we should all strive to be the best versions of ourselves!!

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    • Yeah I agree with you I think I have that in there. It helps but doesn’t 100% create you.
      Happy to hear your short little story. Keep living like that, keep appreciate life and everything will get better. Just keep focusing all your energy on you. Don’t waste it doing things that aren’t worth your time. Anything is possible.
      Thanks for the comment I appreciate it! Have a great day. I send love and happiness you way! πŸ˜€

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  5. Good morning Brandon and thanks for your three “likes” in my latest posts. I completely agree with this premise. The terrible ordeal my son Gian Luca and I had to endure during Hurricane Irma’s landing in Miami a few days ago made us better persons. We came out exhausted and terrified out of that closet where we had hunkered down for an hour. But we were also freshly determined to become better persons and do good deeds.

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    • Morning Mario, no problem. I’m happy you agree with this. I see, well I didn’t have to deal with that, sorry your family had to go through that nerve racking experience. I’m just a kid but this is what I have to say.
      It’s in the moments I’d life that you feel the worst and most uncomfortable you actually build yourself as a person. I’d you’re just comfortable and just chilling. Where are the challenges in your life. In a weird way the universe works it’s ways and it’s up to you never give up. Yes fall down many times but to get up each and every time stronger each time. If you give up then nothing is achieved.
      Happy your family is okay, I send love and happiness your way Mario. Have a fantastic week ahead of you. With the hurricane happening remember to not take everything for selfishness. Life itself it’s a true beauty.
      Thank you! Good luck to you and your family I wish the best.

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      • No problem man! Thanks, yes I consider myself very spiritual it doesn’t show on the looks of me but my thoughts and imagination focus around that. It’s all in your mindset. Don’t judge a book by its cover read it first.
        Thanks for the follow appreciate it. πŸ˜€


      • You can read the frequencies of people because you’ve probably worked with people a long time. I can read people’s frequencies too. Nothingness can express a lot in a person the expressions themselves.

        Congratulations on almost 40 years by the way!

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  6. Super. To break the chain of comparison it would be better to share and have an open healthy talks, who knows the details journey may be an eye opener for 1self

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